Sharp, if we recruit 2,000 volunteers for retirement, 2960 gathered to bring forward the deadline ahead of schedule

ByPhilippe Santini

The results of "recruitment of hope for retirement" announced by Sharp on August 28, 2012 have been revealed. It is a result that there is no need to wait for the original deadline due to the rush of hope retirees more than expected.

Notice Regarding the Result of "Recruitment of Desired Retirement" and Extraordinary Loss | News Release: Sharp

In the first place Sharp wanted to recruit about 2,000 retired people, and the recruitment period should have been from November 1, 2012 to November 14, 2012, but as a result of recruitment, 2960 It has reached the name, and it is the situation that the recruitment is closed on November 9 before November 14.

It is December 15th 2012 that retired volunteers retire this time, and it seems that the total expenses incurred in connection with the recruitment of voluntary retirement total about 25.3 billion yen.

In comparison with NEC who recruited early retirees in the same way, in the case of NEC, the group as a whole stated "Reduce staff size of 10,000 people"As a result, 2393 full-time employees applied for voluntary retirementAs a result, we have not reached the target of 10,000 people and it is clear that we had been carrying out the retirement compulsion named "Special Race" like the following at the end of the phrase.

I was forced to retire in this way / NEC restructuring interview question and answer memo

First time (45 minutes)

My boss It is difficult to have the business continue as it is in the current workplace. I want you to seriously consider special progress (retirement).

I want to continue working with my male left behind.

(The above conversation continues repeatedly)

□ Next day, consult with unions (officer responds)

Officer This meeting is a place to get advice. Ask yourself what is missing, what you want, how do you keep working at your current workplace.

Even at the second time, the same thing was repeated for 90 minutes, and the next day after the third 40-minute interview, although "I go to a psychosomatic medicine for the first time with symptoms such as anxiety and insomnia, it is diagnosed as an indication disorder" More relentlessly for the fourth time in 30 minutes "It is difficult to keep working as it is in the current workplace", for the fifth time an interview was held for 50 minutes and the following interaction.

My boss It is tough to continue working in my current workplace. Based on that, listen again. Tell us your thoughts. Are you ready to remain?

There is men prepared. So I will remain in my current workplace.

(Talking about enthusiasm for work etc. Same as contents answered in the second interview)

Boss Why do you tell enthusiasm why you are talking like this?

It is because he likes male NEC. I reflect on my reflection and want to do more work than I do now.

It is annoying to say that I like boss!

(Abbreviate.) Abbreviation

There are too many male interviews. Please stop it.

It is said that my superior company can do many times. There is no legal problem. It is only confirming my intention.

He says that he will not quit a number of times.

It seems that they do not understand the contents of boss (retirement) measures. Interview until understanding.

In the sixth interview in the 45-minute interview, the phrase "it is hard to have the duties of the current workplace continue in the current workplace" was repeated and the words of the seventh 30 minutes, the eighth 30 minutes, the ninth ninth 15 minutes · Almost the same for the tenth 60 minutes, and finally eleventh.

▽ The superiors and their bosses in total are interviewing partners

I can not be a boss. Did you think that it would remain?

I thought there was a possibility for men. Because it was an ambiguous expression.

My boss It is difficult to keep working as it is in my current workplace.

I am softening the bureaucratic expression and I can not stay here.

(Silence. The person himself was lying down)

Have you played a boss?

(Tears were flowing)

I will be repeat bosses, but I can not enter my current workplace.

It may be better than this relaxed 'special revolution' is done.

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