Learning from the unique recruiting process of WordPress with employees around the world Managers' aims to be aimed for

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I manage free blog management service WordPress.comAutomatticThe company is developed and operated remotely by employees dispersed all over the world. In Automattic, which embodies the unique way of working in the age of the Internet, although employment methods of development staff are peculiar, and adoption methods which are never general are adopted, It contains the essence of "how to employ" that can be referred to.

Inside Automattic's remote hiring process | Dave Martin

Automattic is a founderMatt MarengueggIt is known that superior staff members from around the world gathered and operated and are distinguished as a "global scale organization" composed of only hundreds of members. "Why Automattic can collect excellent talent from all over the world" and "how to employ employment" has been involved in the recruitment schedule of most of the staff of more than 200 people in AutomatticDave MartinHe reveals a unique hiring system.

Because Automattic is recruiting members from all over the world, we do not require applicants to visit a specific place somewhere. In other words, the adoption process itself is also done online. For that reason, we have the specificity that literally people from all over the world are eligible for recruitment.

◆ entry sheet
Automattic's adoption process begins with an entry sheet (resume) just like any other company. The entry sheet is a "manifestation of intention" that wishes to participate in a company, and at the same time it is a "tool" that can show what kind of person, what kind of ability is, and in what form you can contribute to a company Therefore, it is not different from other companies, except that the entry sheet is accepted only online.

However, unlike other worldwide companies, Automattic differs greatly in that the entry sheet is kept in the eyes of Mr. Marenggg, the executive and supreme decision maker, before the entry sheet reaches the personnel representative. As there are many engineers who resonate with the philosophy of Automattic which manages WordPress, there are quite a few applicants seeking employment in Automattic, but Maren Wegg reads all the entry sheets. According to Martin, the top priority of Automattic's CEO Maren Wegg is "recruit talented personnel", and he said that 20% to 30% of his time is spent on employment opportunities.

"Although there may be some people who think that the top global companies are absurd about the first phase of recruitment process, they are extremely rational," Martin said. The reasons are as follows.

Every company has "color", and no matter how good a person is, if it is not compatible with corporate culture, it can not do a good job. Therefore, it seems that it makes sense that it is very reasonable for Marenweg himself, the top company and the founder of WordPress himself, to judge matching between applicants and Automattic.

Secondly, it is Mullenweig that is most familiar with what kind of personnel is necessary in WordPress system operated with few talented people, so it is possible to judge who to recruit.

Martin says that the third reason is the fact that it passed the "preliminary review". In other words, at the time the entry sheet arrives at the personnel officer, as soon as it gets Mr. Marenweg's certification, he can confidently work on future employment decisions. "I think that I am a necessary human resource, perhaps the top may not think so ..." That's why it's useless.

◆ Unemployable mail
Recruitment information will be delivered from Maren Wegg and recruiters will begin to respond to applicants. According to Mr. Martin, it seems that it will be judged whether or not to adopt the highest priority of the employer who is the recruiter from the time the information of the applicant arrives.

At a glance, if we can judge that this person is not suitable for employment conditions, we will send an unapproved mail. However, the content is "Hello, John. Thank you for submitting to automattic.We do not think you will fit Automattic at this time, but continue to follow the hiring page of Automattic.com from now on. And please continue to grow and continue to grow skills, please continue to contribute to widening the possibilities of open source projects "and that.

Mr. Martin said that a considerable number of people actually adopted for Automattic have been adopted with the second and third challenge. If mere "Prayer mailIf it ends with ", it seems that there is a possibility that you have lost excellent talent.

◆ Important to applicants' time
On the other hand, if the applicant looks promising, send me an email saying "Please add me to Skype, I'd like to talk to you about the position once." Most applicants seem to add them in Skype within 24 hours.

As soon as Mr. Martin receives Skype's approval, "Make a conversation on the text with Skype instead of a call. I will ask you a few questions so please reply as it's time to have it. Either today or tomorrow I will send a message saying "It's OK anytime." Automattic scattered all over the world, it seems necessary to be able to reply to your favorite time on a character basis, because it is painful to match with your time zone.

Furthermore, by not requesting a timely reply to the question, applicants will be able to take an employment test for Automattic while continuing their current work. And giving a temporary grace to the applicant seems to be beneficial for Mutin and Mr. Martin at the same time because they will have time to do their work.

Martin asked only what information is necessary for system development while asking what others are interested in Skype. The same also applies to questions from applicants, with no useless content. If it seems that it will take time to do something unnecessary for Automattic system development work, it seems to lead to adoption impossibility.

◆ Practical trial
After judging appropriateness through conversation with Skype, concrete exams will begin. The test content is a hands-on test of being part of WordPress.com system development. Of course, the system development is done remotely, and it is supposed to be the case where it will work with Automattic.

Regarding system development work, it takes about 1 hour to 2 hours, so no particular time limit has been set and it seems that applicants are left entwined. However, the fact that "work is late" requires attention as it may lead to judgment that there is no properness.

In addition, all applicants will be paid wages calculated at a uniform rate of 22 dollars (about 2600 yen). Applicants are arbitrarily given the freedom to stop applying and leave the examination project.

Final interview
The final gateway waiting for the applicant who passed the trial gracefully is the final interview by Mr. Marengog. Discuss the conditions when working remotely, if there is a question, talk about it, and if the interview goes well it will be sunny and adopted.

Through the recruitment process of Automattic as above, Mr. Martin will act as promptly as possible for applicants even when sending a difficult notice that the top of the company should take employment as a top priority, , That if you feel confident that even a little confidence in adoption you should make a judgment that it can not be adopted and you should not waste your time.

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