Ruins with a roller coaster where the goddess watches in the middle of De Osaka "Festival Gate" - Part 2 · Exploration of ruins ~

The previous "First part · Explore around"Although I tried circling around the periphery mainly, next time I will infiltrate into this ruin" Festival Gate ".

Apparently it seems that it was made by imagining the ocean floor and its surroundings as a concept, and the designs of atmosphere like a submarine buddha temple are given in various places here and there, but even this or even this it is thoroughly and it is gotte gote and mystical decoration It is quite elaborate, such as the fact that many places are intentionally destroyed in order to produce a decaying ancient temple-like atmosphere, but now it is a genuine ruin, so what's more I have been transforming into a chaotic space where I do not know what it is.

Photos & movies of "Subbed / Ruins Exploration" details from the following. The staircase of the main entrance.

Both sides are mirrors

Easy to grip illusion as there is a strange depth

As you climb the stairs you will see something like a pool.

There is no water. It looks like a trace of a fountain, but according to a story from a reader, this is a trace of a merry-go-round removal. He seems to be a type of merry-go-round who rides dolphins and the like instead of horses.

Looking up overhead ... ...

You can see that the roller coaster rail runs all the time.

In the past it was the coaster running around here

I regret not being able to take pictures with wide angle, but I tried shooting from the stairway up to the fountain (merry-go-round mark) plaza. Panoramic shooting can be done in one swingCyber-shot "DSC-HX 1"I wish I had something like ... ....

If you look closely, there are motifs of shells and palm trees everywhere.

There seems to be one that is illuminated and one that is not. This is like lighting.

This one seems to be fake.

For two reasons as wellObeliskIt is standing.

Atmosphere that can be summoned something.

It is mixed in a tropical-style atmosphere

Also, there were things like cranes here and there, did they hang something?

Information on the left side of the entrance. Of course it is closed.

"Sora, it's already fun playing" seems to be a copy. The shooting date and time of the poster is said to be October 7, 1997.

This place is also off limits.

The upper one looks like a human face.

Attention notes such as "security camera installation" "security in progress" "smoking cessation" everywhere.

Where garbage is left behind, it shows how the current festival gate is.

Once, it seems that it is being monitored by a monitor.

All the stairs above this floor (2nd floor) were blocked.

Because it was only quite thoroughly defended here, I wonder if there was something in the past.

The trash cans left behind.

There seems to be a movie theater etc on the upper floor. I am concerned about "Laboratory Festa" on the 6th floor.

Elegantly quiet elevator hall. This door will not open.

Only letters in "pause" continue to be lit, and it looks like a horror.

The oven part of the ceiling was obstructed.

The brightness of the courtyard stands out from the elevator hall, but this side is dim.

Going towards the Tsutenkaku direction, there is something like a huge boat above the head.

I thought whether it was an attraction of Viking for a moment, but it seems to be just decoration.

Looking closely, there seems to be an eye and a tail, it seems to be a ship with a fish motif. This is my eyes.

This is a tail.

Under the ship is the letter "FESTIVAL GATE".

It is a specification that cracks in the middle. I can not help laughing because it is now a genuine ruin.

There are such destructive designs everywhere.

Staging that this place is also collapsing

This is a real crack

It has been repaired in this way. Somewhat sad.

I turned around from the ship and photographed the direction of the merry-go-round mark.

There was a dolphin.

Even though I did my best to support it, it is already long ago.

There are two statues on the ship.

Zoom in

The design is different on the left and right. Something like a bird sticks to the statue of the statue on the left.

The statue of the statue on the right side is breast barely

Go under the ship and go further

This neighborhood has become quite multilayered and it is complicated

It is quite impressive to see it in the vicinity

Overall picture of the ship from the opposite side. Easy to understand fishiness. By the way, according to the story from the reader, this ship is said to be a bridge corridor whose inside is a staircase.

It looks like a blue glass-clad tower This is transparent through, it looks like an elevator.

It is now unavailable

Is this lamp standing here and there a seaweed motif?

And an unusual sight that jumps into your eyes. From here we will further amplify the extraordinary atmosphere.

Contrary to the heavy feeling of the pillar in the foreground, the atmosphere like a somewhat lost shopping street.

There seems to be unity, not like that.

Perhaps it was written something properly at the time in this burning tree. I do not quite understand now.

Signs on the upper side have been removed, the contents are exposed.

Completely closed

People dancing are drawn on the shutter, but it surrounds surreal surroundings unnecessarily

Some also play the piano.

After everything is over

This conical motif was persistently repeated here and there.

Heavily, massively

Discover stages no longer in use


Coarse garbage storage condition

It should have been spreading variously on this stage

"Security camera installation" is written in the event guide

What is that?

It looks like a case of a food model in front of a restaurant.

A character like this half fishman seems to be a mascot.

The logo looks something like this.

It has become possible to pass through to spa world from now on.

Unlike the festival gate, it has gone, the spa world is doing his best

As expected there is no big hot spring in the world, no dead space

Let's turn our attention to the festival gate again. The store on the third floor is of course closed.

Rusty railings.

Does civilization perish like this ...?

Here is also a crane.

Looking up from here ... ....

Like this

It seems that the roller coaster rail is pulled indoors from here.

A huge tower with an eye catcher appeared

There is something written on the side of the tower's base

Apparently it is an attraction of "the tower of the tower". It seems that it was a parachute tower that rises to about 45 meters in height.

There is a goddess above "Teos Tower".


It's too shrine

This is the movie filmed "The Tower of Tower"

On the right there is something like a clock tower through which a roller coaster penetrates.

I started slipping at a stretch from here, at that time.

There is something at the root of the roller coaster course

Zodiac zodiac?

As it may be difficult to grasp the whole picture in the photograph, I walk around this area and shot it with animation.

There is an exit heading for Tsutenkaku if you go to the interior.

The escalator is stopped.

It seems that the decorations hanging on this are also the theme of a ship. Is it a galley ship?

A picture like a window.

Hold the stairs and the right is the exit. The outside is bright.

Here also cigarette butts and so on were accumulated here.

It seems that the roller coaster was named "Delpis the coaster". By the way, this coaster, which had been moving even after the festival gate bankruptcy, occurred on May 5, 2007ExporlandIt was said that he had stopped driving under the rollercoaster accident.

I got off the stairs. Since there is a light on it, it may seem like it is open at first glance without red corn and garbage.

Dome shaped ceiling.

I got it.

This is the exit, or the entrance to the Tsutenkaku side.

As soon you can see the Tsutenkaku on the left, something like Osaka.

Looking at the festival gate from the Tsutenkaku side is like this. There may be many tourists who do not notice this.

In addition, this festival gate, started on July 18, 1997 by the third sector Festival Gate Co., Ltd., went bankrupt in February 2004, closed by the end of July 2007,WikipediaBecause it is detailed, people who wish to explore this festival gate once should read it.

Despite the good accessibility of the transportation, the main reason the festival gate who spent 50 billion yen in total construction cost traced this kind of destiny is that the new world area originally belongs to a middle-aged and elderly town (Asakusa And positions like Ueno), it did not match with the targeted young generation, at that time homeless tents were densely populated in the surrounding area mainly in the neighborhood Tennoji Park area,RiotIt is thought that it is adjacent to Nishinari-ku Ain Ring district which tends to have a negative image due to the influence of others.

Also, in addition to the fact that the festival gate itself was lacking in attraction (poor quality as an amusement park as well as shops in the tenants and surroundings were also less appealing to young people) because the eye ball is only a roller coaster, A large leisure facility that will be a powerful rival in the spring of 2001Universal Studios JapanIs not it also listed that the opening of the business started?

Incidentally, after the bankruptcy, Orix planned to fully refurbish as Osaka City Transport Memorial Hall, but after a complex process Maruhan finally got a successful bid, as a complex facility such as a bowling alley in June 2013 It is said that we plan to reopen at that time, so it seems better for those who want to experience the ruins feel better to go early. If you consider it as a sightseeing route, go through the festival gate from the stationnew worldHead towards TsutenkakuSpecial skewer cutletsIt is recommended to eat.

The state of attraction at the time of festival gate sales can be seen from the following site.

Festival gate

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