If you hold down this at the minimum you can read the headlines as well, Japan's frequent contemporary net terms 20 terms + α

GIGAZINE'sHeadlineOr reading that link and "Yutakata Yun"What? Have you ever experienced that you could not understand it because words such as "nobody", "kwsk" "jk" etc. were lined up?

As you can understand such a word which is hard to understand except for the heavy resident of the net, communication became smooth in various situations, it became possible to keep up with the conversation on the bulletin board and the comment of Nico Nico video, and now Since we did not understand the meaning, we could get information that had been overlooked or skipped without reading, and we should be able to gather more comprehensive information. That said, though, there are so many kinds of such words to say as net slang, there are also cases in which the trend of fading is fierce, and it is the fact that an eclipse encompasses everything from the past to the present from now Clearly speaking it is a very difficult business.

Therefore, carefully select frequently occurring words in the Internet area that you know and do not lose, centering on expressions that have been used in articles of GIGAZINE in the past and words and phrases used at GIGAZINE's link destination / track back destination, I tried to create a glossary with synonyms / antonyms and examples. The words are arranged in order of numbers → alphabet → 50 notes.■ 801
【meaning】A woman who likes male homosexuality-dealing cartoons / novels, and is a woman who is fantasizing fictional characters and real sexual relationship between men's homosexuals. Sometimes it is subject to secondary creation as a theme, and in some cases it creates original novels and manga that dealt with male homosexuality. Especially in 2 languages ​​"Yaoi" exclusive Yaoi exclusive board "801 board" is a tremendous creation of many legends.
【Concrete example】
2channel reservebook: 801 board wow wwwwwwww
801 by Tetris
[Synonyms]Rotting girls, noble men, Yaoi, BL (Bell: stands for Boys Love)

■ kwsk
【meaning】"I want you to tell me more in detail". Those extracted consonants of the Roman alphabet "kuwasiku". It is characterized by being able to input faster than driving with "kuwasiku" one by one with the keyboard. Remember that there are many other omitted terms to save time and labor for Japanese translation like this, there are many cases that it is easy to understand the mysterious alphabetic character string on the net.
【Example 1】"I was able to do her on my Pizza Deve who was bite at McDonald's, what am I supposed to do?" "Kwsk"
【Example 2】"Once I turned on my PC, my daughter-in-law went out from the monitor at last" "kwsk!"
【Example 3】"About the matter that blood was not connected with real younger sister" "kwsk"

■ wktk
【meaning】Meaning of "exciting" state. It is derived from the ASCII art of "Exciting Tekateka" which expresses the face which is exciting with excitement, glittering on the skin with expectation.

【example】"Wait a moment from pasting the image of the decisive moment from now" "wktk"

■ wwwwwwwwwwwwwww
【reading】Unknown, can not read
【meaning】EmiEmi EmiEmi, in other words meaning "(laughs)". To show the character that is usually laughing, because there is a case to grant "(laughs)" to the end of the sentence, as long as the fact this conversion that is not even registered in the dictionary of Japanese conversion software is rather cumbersome, This typing technique called such as "(w" in order to omit is devised, in such further initial of online RPG for double-byte character string of Japanese was not able to display the first place, has become a gradually omitted is badly "w" In addition, "how much fun is it?" Is represented by the size of laughter in the real world, whereas in sentences on the net "its degree of laughter" and "level of laughter" are quite but was hard to tell, be represented in the manner of "wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" and "w" and "wwwwwwww" as a state in which the laughter by Tsuraneru plurality, as a state in which you received a fool It made it possible to.
It is supposed to be an expression used originally in laughter scenes, but like the lol (laugh out loud) and lololol in the English-speaking world, it tends to be abused even in scenes not particularly interesting . Also, since the appearance of 'w' appearing like lawn seems to be like a lawn, "wwwwww" is often used as "to grow grass". In addition, because "www" is frequently used in 2-channel "VIP board" which is relatively written by users of relatively young people, when w is used too much, it is handled as blue and old, "Do not grow grass too much! Even when it is said to be!
【example】For Nico Nico Douga etc., it is heavily used as follows.

■ p
【meaning】It means upload. When Japanese input is on on the keyboard, when you type "up" you will see "p".
【example】"I found a naked person collapsing in front of the house a little while ago" "p! Right now!"

■ Performance Yu
【meaning】"Self-made performanceAbbreviation of cheers for good work. It is used in such a situation that the same person seems to have written opinion presentation, refutation, advocacy, consent, reconciliation etc all by one person, such as 2 chan. Fighter'sNagashima ☆ Self-starring Otaru YuichiroAlthough it is getting commonly penetrated by the player's ring name etc., I can not deny the feeling that the original meaning was lost by abuse.
【Concrete example】The ID of the comment was displayed in Nico Nico Douga, which means that the person who uploaded the video autonomously commented on their self-praising comments was exposed under the white day, and it was just the state of the "self-starring" , I have had a lot of roughness.
Livedoor news - 【Trevian】 Nico Nico Movie is covered with self-made self-made piece! Interview with a face red ginky eyes a female author
⊂. Д. ) ⊃ Kaze speed ≡ ≡ ≡ ⊂ ∩ ゜ Д ゜) One Full Auto | Nico Nico Douga

■ Security guard at home
【reading】Jitaku Keibin
【meaning】A designation that mainly refers to "neat" which is not doing anything about school enrollment, employment or job hunting. Despite being unemployed in spite of being unemployed, there is a term that seems to hide the fact that such as "housework help" or "cajitets" in the case of a woman, so a man who is neat against these is "I do nothing Yes, we are doing security at home in 24 hours! This is an indescribable! "As a result, hide the fact that it is" NEIT "masochistically Therefore, it became an imaginary professional name like "home security guard". Although it seems that it is currently used regardless of gender or woman, there are overwhelming cases of men's case. Also, the existence of home security guards is widely known on the net, but it is not encountered in the real world. The reason is that it is thought that home guards are not going out from home at all in the first place. It is a good example of things that can not be encountered in reality though it can be confirmed as much as sweeping and discarding on the net.
[Synonyms]Far from home, if you do not even want to leave your room, it is sometimes called "a self-service guard." In this case, the actual situation is close to "withdrawal". In addition, there are "fictitious home animation quality managers", "home animation quality supervisors", "home game debuggers", "net observers", and the like as fictional occupational names having the same actual situation. Care must be taken because the meaning is different from the occupation which monitors the dehohring wrinkle falling by one drop.

■ Ideas
【meaning】Abbreviation of "thinking common sense." Although it may be abbreviated as "JK" "jk", depending on the context, it means "girls high school student", so be careful. Initially it was used in combination of "thinking common sense, ... just thinking of ○ ○," but it is troublesome to write it even more, taking into account the vast majority of reactions that I no longer wish to write I omitted the consideration before and after, and it was abbreviated as "ordinary thought". Also, the 2-channel AA, "Doing husband"When"No husbandBecause this phrase is frequently used, there are cases where AA of husband who does not do automatically doing by merely looking at letters written as "ordinary" floats in my head Many are found.
【Example 1】"Hey this personal computer 198,000 yen has written as much as 19,800 yen ..." "I have no choice but to buy ... normal consideration ..."
【Example 2】"Elementary school students are useless, usual thought!"

■ Weakness
【meaning】Abbreviation for "weak information". Originally it is a lower ranking in the information disparity society, but in many cases it is used as a word of ridicule (yuki) of a person who takes into account information from a biased medium or simply as a word of a curse (god). Also, because you can quickly find words you do not understand on the Internet, it does not confirm whether it is fact or point, but it does not search and sometimes refers to a person who gets cheated immediately. In an extreme case, you may be accredited as "weakness" by just watching TV.
【Synonyms】Movement (Jokyo). However, there are times when you are contemplating people who are just doing net work and are familiar with all kinds of information, but whose essentials have fallen out.
【example】"Well, I always listen to the owner of an empathy who constantly calls people about their feelings, but when can I buy a personal computer?"

■ Why is it eroge?
【meaning】As you read, it means "what kind of adult game (erotic game) it teaches" 」. It is also used when you are drinking water from a norke talk that seems to be only delusions, enviable situation that you can not believe so much, or even when you are likely to be unrealistic. When converting, entering romaji from the keyboard becomes "sorenannteeroge", "SOreNAnnteERoGE "for short,"SnegIn some cases it is written.

I think that I am always happy to get married.

· I will make a box lunch, but always put a little sweets in the bag of lunch.
(Apollo, caramel, kit cut, cute confection for occasional children)
I did not ask you to do so, I am pleased with such mind use. In the season of drying there are nod candies and ingenuity.

- Omission -

· I am a bit nerdy, but I do not accuse my hobbies. They make space to put comics, and they watch animation together.
My wife's hobby is to read overseas magazines (interior, fashion, design magazines etc.) and to read overseas classical literature
It seems that he is reading comics in keeping with my hobby and one day suddenly "Dio and Yutaro are cool too, which one is it?" W

Ah well written enough. I am too considering married anyhow.

331 Pilot plan No name Person: 2009/01/17 (Saturday) 01: 30: 04 ID: O6L7Rf2c0
>> 330
So, what is it, eroge?

■ ※ But limited to handsome
【meaning】Handsome manIf it is, some sexual harassment is permitted, but in the case that it is not a handsome guy, it is treated like a pervert, a pervert, a pervert, a criminal, Words based on the premise that it tends to judge by. Magical phrase that turns into a feeling of despair in a moment by suffixing every quotation, constructive opinion, positive proposal. In some cases it is abbreviated as "just squid", or even abbreviated as "※" in some cases.
【Example 1】
I like interesting people!
※ However limited to handsome
【Example 2】
I do not care about my academic background ☆
※ However limited to handsome

■ Yuan Yun
【meaning】The woman 's rich chest shakes. It is mainly used for characters such as animation and games. Sometimes it is written as onomatopoeia in cartoons.
EtymologyJapanese meaning "trembling" meaning "swinging" + "plump" of meaning, which means that it does not decide fluctuating swayingly, and "plump" changed expression "tat fuku" ("surprised" → "jibling" → As though "Bikubu-kun", "plenty" → "tatapu" → which seems to have followed the utilization of "poop first") was mixed, it is presumed that it certainly reached the completion type "Yutanu Yun" .
【example】The girl 's chest swaying slowly Yun - shaking Movie that understands the power of the Super Tamenism Engine

■ Who is it?
【meaning】Abbreviation for "Who the hell are you getting on?" Words that mutter unexpectedly murmured when it touched things which are unknown and understandable too much. It is also used as a prefix like "Who earned images" and "Who earned animation"?
【example】"Stupid fucking movie, the story is easy to understand but ... Who really is it?" (Against a certain manga-based Hollywood live-action work)

■ ち ょ ww お ま w wwww
【meaning】"Hey, you mean!" Wait a moment, use it in a scene where you want to get cool, stop it. It is not "super waiting!" In some cases it was written as "chō, sora!", But recently inserting w as appropriate after "chō" and "sorry" became the mainstream, further divided into "just ww", or Many cases are used only with "sama wwww". By increasing the number of "w" according to circumstances as appropriate, it is possible to express the level and strength of Tsukkomi.
【Similar】"It's odd that it's funny to laugh, but it's OK, OK!" Meaning "Wwww kww www"
【Example 1】(Before the Chinese-made gyoza in which poisoning was a problem) "I will eat this from now" "Chow ww sesame wwww"
【Example 2】(When I was at the meeting, suddenly opening the door rattlingly and rushing in with whole-body tights) "All the stories were heard!" "Okay ww sesame wwww"

■ Nico kitchen
【meaning】Nico Nico DougaPeople who became captive, advanced users. It is not nicotine addiction. Because the word "kitchen" that comes out first when Kana inputs and converts "中 坊" is used as a junior high school student's behavior and character (yuki), the kanji of "kitchen" is "immature" · It has an implication that it is childish.
【example】"Recently it's Niko kitty"

■ Slimy
【meaning】Adjectives that praise people and animals moving like animation and games move as smoothly as in real life. It is not about movements like molluscs and amphibians.
【Synonyms】To be choked
Slimmer animation and rolling, talking "sparrow at the time of Higurashi cry" PV & playable movie in AOU 2009 - GIGAZINE
Movie "Fear (s) of the Dark" drawn with moving animation slimming "fear" Trailer - GIGAZINE

■ Hyper island time
【meaning】When celebrities and celebrities died in news and the like announcer said that "I wish for your soul" with a delicate look, Immediately after that, with a refreshing smile "such as sports!" In order to exhibit a personality transfiguration enough, it means "Are you really sad? Are you really praying for your souls?" Anything is okay, so anyway "I pray for your souls" The technique of making an idiot is first developed, and "I pray for your souls."AA was born. There are various variations in this AA, and among them AA of "hyper yourself time" expressing how to spread both hands and flicker in the left and right of the face among them is among them surreptitious, so it is unfortunate for 2 chan channel news bulletin board etc. It was stuck to me when there was a hot topic. Similar to the "meshuma state" indicating that "rice is good with others' unhappiness", "The misfortune of others is the taste of honeyIt is used in a situation where you can feel it.

■ Poo couscous
【meaning】Doraemon and Nobita originate from ASCII art that has blown out without being able to comprehend a laugh ("Pooh" "couscous" as a line). "(Lol)" "www" expresses that it is laughing as well, but there is a strong nuance which makes you laugh especially at your opponent's failure.

A: I bought a mobile laptop because I needed it for work.
B: Oh, what did you buy?
A: Let'snote'sCF - F 8.
B: With steering wheel (Pukesukusu)

■ Fuhi wwww Sariren wwww
【meaning】"Huhi" expresses laughter. "Saruzen" is a notation that says "sorry," which is said to be funny, and each has its own origin. 'Huhi' means'In the spring of the first year of the university, there was a urinalysis on health examination.In writing that begins with "In the writing that the nurse pointed out that urine was put too much in the cup, I tried to apologize but the tongue did not turn and it was the former neta saying" Huhihihi! I'm sorry! " "Sirsen" was born after sublimation in the thread of the fashion board "customer's brother system w / wwwwww" neta which was in the hairdresser thread of the 2 ch guideline board. Originated from the expression of "Sorry" as "Sasen", the first appearance is August 14, 2006 09:49:55 "0 0 49:55" "Clerk" We have a little waist tight w ww no more It's not the size of wwwwwwwww Sirsen wwwwwwwwwwww ". Together, it makes me appear to apologize while making a fool of my opponent.

【meaning】HatenaWe gathered the experimental service of "Once in the labOne of the "Hatena anonymous diary(Anonymous Diary: AnoniMasudaIary), and also the generic name of those who are writing the diary. "November 2006 written"Anonymous da declarationFor an article calledBookmark commentsFirst appearance. If you do not log in, you can not write it, but who wrote the article is a system only known to the person who wrote it. In many cases reply is repeated based on one article and the topic spread widely, and in that case call Masuda who wrote the original article "former Masuda (original)".
【example】"Masuda is a topic of nerds and non-mote"

■ Mesuma status
Abbreviation of "Condition of rice being good due to others' unhappiness." It is synonymous with "taste of other people's taste of honey" and it is used in the same situation as "Hyper yourself time". Originally used as a 2-channel pro baseball board or an external baseball-related bulletin board, "~ ~ losing the game and cooking rice" was used, but since the live comment board was born in 2004, it pushes the opponent or provokes In the meanwhile it became widely used in the sense that it was meant to be used, and eventually began to be used for topics not related to baseball. About the summer of 2008, ASCII Art, "I pray for your souls," and "Heaven condition"After the completion of the following combinations of ASCII art, it spread explosively.

■ Please go slow! It is! It is!
【meaning】It is not meaningful as well as "getting to sleepy" in a family restaurant, and it does not mean maliciousness is put in it. Generally, Doujin gameToho ProjectCharacter of Hakurei Reimu and Kirisame Marisa are used together with ASCII art. It is often used regardless of context. Incidentally,Stuffed animal with this ASCII art as a motifCharacter goods such as are on sale. It is said that it was born that one of the Toho-based doujinshi bulletin boards, regular users etc. to the visitors who wrote in the bulletin board put the meaning of hospitality such as "please go slowly" and "slowly Although I was using ASCII art of "!!!" suddenly as 2nd place of the 2nd news thread of the 2nd channel etc. this "slowly go on !!!" is pasted like a mountain Rolling, it was too unrelated to the content of the news, and it was too surreal and unexplained unreasonable unreasonableness left a strong impression on the witness and spread.

■ Rear Charging
【meaning】A state where life in reality (real) is fulfilling, a person who is fulfilling. Originally it was a 2 -channel university board, which began to be used from the end of 2006 to 2007. Initially, those who mainly engaged in activities on the Internet community, such as 2channel, twitter, blog, etc., were often used in a masochistic nuance compared with themselves who are fulfilling their lives in reality It also became used as a distortion and jealousy for layers that use the net community via mobile phones.
【Synonyms】In the sense that the life on the net is substantialNetoto"Otaku life is enriched"OtahuAlthough it was made, etc., it is not established as "REAR CHARGE".
【example】"There is nothing in this thread that Rear Chin, who is eating cake with her girlfriend at Christmas Eve"
[Synonyms]Sweets (haha): It refers to a woman who in the fashion magazine and information magazine gourmet special feature put together the sweet taste collectively as "sweet" but actually refers to these sweetness as "sweet". It is supposed to be a person who is lacking in common sense and morality and whose behavior is insane past the unexpected, and that the media literacy is lacking and the person is dancing in trends. "Ria" is used regardless of gender, while "sweet" (laugh) is used only for women.

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