It is pointed out that the information on the Japanese Wikipedia is distorted by a small number of users

At the time of writing the article, the Japanese Wikipedia has more than 1.25 million pages. However, the information on the Japanese Wikipedia is 'edited into information that is biased by a small number of users,'

Yumiko Sato , a certified music therapist in the United States, claims on the news site SLATE .

Non-English editions of Wikipedia have a misinformation problem.

As of September 23, 2020, the Japanese version of Wikipedia page about 'Unit 731' that existed in the Japanese army during World War II has many citations and explanations about human experimentation conducted by Unit 731. It was listed.


users involved in editing the page as of September 23, 2020 were frozen in their accounts because of 'excessive citations', and citations related to human experimentation violated the rules regarding 'neutrality' and 'copyright'. It was deleted as being. At the time of writing the article, the item of human experimentation says, 'There is a theory that Unit 731 was also conducting unjustified human experimentation without the consent of the person for the purpose of developing biological weapons and researching treatment methods.' The fact that human experimentation was conducted is treated as one theory.

Mr. Sato said, 'It is clear from many documents that human experimentation was actually conducted in Unit 731,' and blamed the current situation described as 'theory.' Also, on the '

Comfort Women in Japan ' page, the purpose of the problem is obscured by using words such as 'comfort women' and 'prostitution' without distinction, and on the ' Nanjing Massacre ' page, the title is 2010. It has been changed from 'Nanjing Massacre' to 'Nanjing Massacre' at the suggestion of only one user a year.

The Washington Post published an

article in January 2021 that evaluated Wikipedia as 'potentially the most secure place on the Internet.' However, Mr. Sato pointed out that this evaluation is an evaluation in the English Wikipedia edited and viewed by people all over the world. Since Wikipedia other than the English version, including the Japanese version, is edited and viewed by people living in specific countries, it claims that the above-mentioned biased opinions may be posted.

At the time of writing the article, the number of active users of Japanese Wikipedia is recorded as 15,774, but there are only 41 administrators, and the ratio of administrators to active users is 0.26%. It shows the lowest percentage of all languages. 'Japanese Wikipedia is dominated by dozens of people,' Sato said. 'Administrators of Japanese Wikipedia' protect 'pages that have a lot of discussion about editing and limit the users who can edit them. It is known for that. '

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