Prohibited from using Wikipedia as an information source as 'lacking reliability' on right-wing sites

In Wikipedia, many editors are editing articles on various topics, and it is recommended that you clearly indicate the source of the information about the edited content. With such Wikipedia, it is reported that the judgment "It is not suitable as the information source of Wikipedia" "Brightbird news network " which is the right side site is given.

Wikipedia: Reliable sources / Noticeboard / Archive 248 - Wikipedia _Breitbart

Wikipedia Bans Right Wing Site Breitbart as a Source for Facts - Motherboard

The Bright Bart news network is known as a very conservative and right-handed news site and has been criticized as "a facesite that reports fake news and is a dishisting website for women and foreigners" from the New York Times I will. In Wikipedia, as of September, 2018, it is said that the link of such Bright Bart news network is used as the information source of 2,500 items.

A Wikipedia editor on the community board gathered on September 2, 2018, a Wikipedia editor said, "I think that the Bright Bart news network is an unreliable news site and it is not suitable as a Wikipedia information source. I would like to hear opinions from the editors of the editorial board. "

Later on, on the bulletin board, many editors gave an opinion on "Whether Brightbird News Network is accepted as a source of information". Many of them said that it should be avoided to use Wikipedia as a source of information with Bright Bart news network, unless it is used as a source of opinion that certain individuals have asserted.

Fish + Karate , an editor who is also a director of Wikipedia, said, "As with the British tabloid paper Daily Mail , a clear agreement has been reached that the Bright Bart news network should not be an information source" He said that accusations similar to Daily Mail, which is already forbidden to make it a Wikipedia information source, was received.

Wikipedia makes Britain's oldest tabloid paper "Daily Mail" an "unreliable information source" - GIGAZINE

Also, a Wikipedia compiler said about the Bright Bart news network, "It is reporting complete falsehood, and it conveys a distorted image of the living beings by the finish". Many other editors claim that "Brightbird news network is inappropriate for Wikipedia", and that the Bright Bart news network will be excluded from Wikipedia information sources as a result of voting Has been decided. In the future, English Wikipedia will not be able to use Bright Bart news network as information source.

After deciding that the Bright Bart news network will be removed from Wikipedia's information source, the editors have created a list of "cases where Bright Bart news network was cited as someone's opinion." Only cases posted on this list are protected as exceptions and cases where the Bright Bart news network is used as the "information source of facts" other than that may be deleted.

A Wikipedia editor who agrees with the regulation of a new information source said, "Deletion is proceeding smoothly for places where only the Bright Bart news network was the source." At the time of writing the article, the Bright Bart news network does not comment on Wikipedia's correspondence.

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