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It took place on June 21, 2008Report of people who went to Square Enix 28th Ordinary General Meeting of ShareholdersAccording to the ambiguous reply that "I think that I want to sell for the current year" regarding the release time of Dragon Quest 9, it seems that I can not have any idea when the latest work of the series will come out with Final Fantasy. However, it is said that multi-platform work will come out later this year, and the possibility of new popular work does not seem to be low.

So, tomorrowJune 24. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on June 24th one year ago.

Site with more than 3,600 commercially available photographs free of charge "PD Photo" - GIGAZINE

How to make a unique watch from old record - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Dorakue ended - good morning www you guys wwwwwwww(Game, latest work changed important system)

Distribution of the new chapter "Polom edition" started with "FFIV The After - Moon's Return" - Famitsu _ com(After-story of game "Final Fantasy IV" deployed in mobile)

"Dubbing 10" will be on July 4th (Fri) from 4 am - the consideration will be discussed in the future Net Microm Journal(Memo, those who want to record the Olympic are likely to buy in a situation that does not know much about the reputation of dubbing 10 compatible hardware)

Is there a future in the copyright law? | BLJ Online | Business Law Journal - Business Row Journal(Copyrights, copyright laws that would be a violation of the law in many cases even to start a new service are funny)

Mobile battery level, why that display? Excite News(Mobile, the remaining battery indication turns out to be the reason why it is early for charging out turned out)

Slashdot · Japan | Coffee maker's vulnerability discovered(It can also be broken by changing the coffee concentration and water quantity setting by security, external illegal access or by setting incompatible parameters)

To the Implicit Community - Thinking in the Akihabara Incident: Toshihisa Sasaki Journalist Perspective - CNET Japan(Communication, those who are in desperate loneliness because they can not connect to society even on the Internet)

Geek's page: How to improve the motivation of young employees(It is important to inform you that your company is appreciated from work)

【Report】 Photo shooting and manners of blogs (1) Freedom of expression protected by constitution | Home appliances | My com journal(It is better to know what you need to know about using laws, blogs, etc.)

"Do not hide the damage" President Soundhouse talks about unauthorized access(Security, Japan loses the cyber war)

If you are hospitalized take it absolutely! Things: Alfalfa mosaic(Life, temples are very substantial)

J-CAST News: Should the Internet election campaign be lifted? Liberal Democratic Party's distrust(To the time when politicians who can not tolerate interactivity including politics, slander and slander can not exist)

Abstract ▽ Long-term trend of income gap and international comparison between developed countries(The disparity, the aspect that is born out of the collapse of the "equality myth" which existed once, although it is hard to have a large disparity expansion recently, can not be ignored)

Painful news (No ∀ `): Yamazaki Pan On the net on the net that" difference between high school graduates and university graduates "is" discrimination "(There is a clear difference from the entrance of employment, hiring page)

2 Channels live broadcasting Japan's rush hour seen from a foreigner(Commemorative photograph taken with crowded train back while saying culture, Wowower)

【Hiring】 "Law of hiring" Ryo Hosoe: a mind map like reading commentary(You should choose "employment," enterprises that you place as superior positions = relative elite "instead of" companies with the highest possible level among the possibilities you can enter with your own strength ")

Why play games are deleted - Life in Prison / I have no choice but to live(Out of copyright, the enchantment or the charm of playing the game by spoofing is reduced is out)

Window Forest - Calculator for "Golden Ratio" Calculator "Kinten" v1_00(Software, for those who stick to beauty)

Mokumichi tea room: Mr. Kentaro Miura's correspondence in "Kuu-koto" is criticized and should be appropriate(Pro, professional should not make products without charge)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Rather throwing bad guys(Memo, I have never served flyer street items in old gashapons)

Kousyoublog | 150 years history of how Japanese became a society with the best value on time(The birth of an accurate ethnic group in time, time)

Internal and external times - Mizumi entertainment between fertilizer oblique slashing Now the audience rating 20% ​​is far __(Memo, top of TV Tokyo is "anything appraisal team")

Radio control car that can enjoy real-time "first person view" running WIRED VISION(Operate with memo, with goggles with monitor)

Speaking of words spoken to boys ... ...(Bullying, confession of what kind of life you've been sending so far with aesthetic beauty)

Bush is becoming increasingly busy. I thought about how to live in this deflationary spiral.(Life, how can we make busy and ubiquity happy?)

Three threads of a pretty girl's 23 years paste I put it all Thread: Hamster Breaking News 2(The history of idols, twists and turns, long wave lengths and common root joints)

Penguin daughter's price = current status of anime without sponsors - FANTA-G - Rakuten Blog (Blog)(Anime, 9800 yen in 80 minutes, usually 4000 yen to 5000 yen in 90 minutes)

"Leaf" "Key" "TYPE-MOON" participating in Comico rise and fall of number - Diary / 2008-06-21 - August Dojin Data Base(Doujin, investigated in the catalog paid by the National Diet Library)

The price of the DVD of "Penguin daughter Ha it" is high not because there is no advertisement revenue, because it is the same as OVA and the expected sales volume is small - ARTIFACT @ Hatena system(It seems that animation that animation and sales of DVD are properly business are considerably few)

Problems of animation business: Penguin girls in case of Oto - future my thought(Animation, the problem pointed out that it is not a price but a sense of how to sell it)

From "Akihabara Brothers' Confession" (Part 1) - (2) "Fully Controlled Area" of a Family ★ To Avoid Your Child as a Perpetrator(Incident, abnormal family situation)

Otaku world's deadlock feeling - between Otaka and non-Wota(The problem is that the recognition that the culture is "a member of people who are arrested" is established as an implicit consent for participants. "

"Beer belly" removable in Germany, "Wine bra" for women also spoken over the world Reuters(Memo, equipment that you can enjoy wine and beer anywhere)

CNN_co_jp: Every meal at McDonald's, successfully losing weight of 36 kg and men of the United States(Choose diet, salad and diet)

Tokyo Animation Center June Popular Goods First place is "Kitaro's Curry"(It is ranked number one in food, nationwide retort cooking ranking)

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