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When I contact the person who is meeting for the first time, I will shorten the sense of distance with each other while seeking what kind of person they are,Personality may be appearing with a little gesture or habit of the opponentIt seems.

It seems that there is one side such as "I do not have confidence in the inner side", "I do not think about my existence" rather than the general impression "look closely at the mirror = narcissist". People who are not good at touching people, if they can read the person's personality with a little action, the relationship between people may be smooth.

So, tomorrowJanuary 7. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on January 7th one year ago.

Disney's restaurant prohibits children from entering - GIGAZINE

Illustration that the image of the ideal woman has changed a long time ago and in the present age - GIGAZINE

New troubled publisher 's new wind farm reported trouble with the author bankruptcy proceedings - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
"Companies that face conflicts" Kakaku.com: The tendency of consumers to buy backwards is trending (1/2) - ITmedia Enterprise(Opinions that the number of users of price .com has increased due to an increase in users who think that "I do not want to shop" as the economic slowdown)

Child pornography: possessed for the purpose of offering animation, server administrator arrest - every day jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Note, arrest of server administrator in charge of violating this law is the first country nationwide)

Learning with my husband Employment Ice Age: Hamster Breaking News 2(The work, the story of the era when it was said that "super employment glacial age" from 1999 to 2005)

Level 20, but I can not get items like 【women】 www Working Mono News: Life VIP craftsman blog www(If you protect your virginity up to level 30, job change to wizard)

"Regulated brain" destroys the country - Zope Junkie diary(Economy, the country itself becomes jeopardized when the market economy becomes ineffective due to accumulation of regulations)

Why are there many ads in the city of Japan? On Urban Landscape: Alfalfa Mosaic(Landscape, utility pole problem is the basis in the basic of urban landscape)

Room sharing is under pressure in a recession "I think that it is good to live in a good room unexpectedly and to help each other when dividing by the number of people again": Alfalfa mosaic(Houses, there are things that are tough)

Awareness Survey on Mini Laptop Computers - 2008 Summary - Eye Share Research(PC, the number of users is still small, but there are many people who are interested)

What about the deep underground routes of the Linear Shinkansen? | Nikkei BP Kenplatz(Transportation, businesses can set usage rights without prior compensation to landowners if applied)

Geek's page: P2P Stagnation / Streaming Increases - Japanese Internet Traffic(The band consumption of general users' video contents tends to increase at the time of the net and peak from 21 o'clock to 23 o'clock)

Is the animation plan of Okata Ding "Marduk · Scramble" resumed? - Peace's warm innovation @ Hatena(Anime, "Maruduc series new work" & "Marudukku scramble animation" may be)

J-CAST News: "Wedding disparity" by workplace "Mass media men" Oddly high unmarried rate(Work, men in the press industry are more than 60% unmarried but men from trading companies are unmarried 10%)

Why is Hiroshi Nohara's AA just so bad?(Memo, it gets worse and steadier)

Foreign fans talk about 2008 Best / Worst ANIME(Animation, impressions are similar even though race is different)

Business Media Makoto: Are you sleeping on the same bed with her / your wife?(Sleeping, couple or lover tends to become another bed, futon and room as they become older)

2008 domestic game market size is about 582.6 billion yen (according to enterbrain) - Famitsu.com(Game, market size declined compared with last year)

To Love-Ru ☆ LOVE Bakuman. Oga Tsugumi = Hiromi Gamou is determined(About the work of the comic of manga, "DEATH NOTE")

Painful news (No ∀ `): 【DQ9】 Character" Sandy "holding the key of the story is a gangstro brown hair fairy(Game, direction of Dragon Quest)

Kanji that was acclaimed overseas: ぁ ゃ ι ぃ (* ゜ ー °) NEWS 2nd(Culture, it seems that it was critically acclaimed when writing a certain kanji on the blackboard)

Gasoline is still expensive More than 30% ~ A majority uses self-type stand even after falling gasoline price - I share research(Memo, many men use self-type stands)

Determine by heart rate, Lie Detector App for iPhone "True or Lie": News - CNET Japan(Software, likely to be a part of the New Year's party)

Domoto Tsuyoshi kisses Koichi as "I want to start" and push it down! : Saizo Woman(Comment that I wanted to celebrate the important day celebrating entering 30's in entertainment, Koichi on a single live performance)

Watch out for golf beginners! If you overdrive the driver you can not hear your ears!? | Trend | Free video GyaO [gao] |(Memo, the latest titanium driver seems to be more likely to hurt the eardrum than conventional drivers)

While wandering on a scouter type display watch video: tell me .net(Hardware, 68GB for 8GB type)

Why does body fat value change instantly? Excite News(Memo, the fat contains little moisture and has the property of not conducting electricity, so dehydration always in the morning with low water content or after drinking may be measured at a high body fat percentage)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Why should you wipe glasses(Note, for tissue stains it looks like tissue is good, but oil stains like eyeglass cloths look like the best)

Mixi, provides "after your feet" function that allows you to manage your visit record: MarkeZine (Marketzine)(Internet services, not only visitors but also footprints that they traced could be confirmed)

Clear reason why the economic crisis can never be expected to end in 2009 | Yukio Noguchi Reading the unprecedented economic crisis | Diamond Online(The view that the economic crisis is thought not to end unless the economy and the deficit are reduced to a sustainable level, but it is not a problem that can be adjusted within the year)

Sapporo Beer | Chocolate Brewery(Food, chocolate happoshu collaborating with Lloyds, released only on the Internet from 14th)

Do you understand the difference? Coffee industry due to sharp drop in imports of mocha, making taste of trouble: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Eating has been declining sharply since imports have declined considerably before, but companies are striving to bring near-flavors by changing blending and roasting methods)

Sanyo, reducing regular employees by 500 people Non-regular including 1,000 people NIKKEI NET (Nikkei Net)(We are also promoting the shift of placement to fields where growth can be expected, such as notes, solar cells and secondary batteries)

Eat navi: ginger tea that is good for your body. Tips to make deliciously. - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Diet, ginger has an intestinal action, bactericidal effect, perspiration action and is also good for health)

Osaka · Moriguchi city naming rights, no entry company - MSN Sankei news(We are also considering selling public offerings of unused public facilities, but we do not apply for companies)

"Gentleman of the dark" who used Iijima Ai to eat! I was involved in money troubles! Is it? | Speedy! Back art(An entertainment, a speculation that it is a field that was rushing into the police station without sleeping and walking with bare feet, and it was a field with considerable labor)

Panasonic, New Products at Blu-ray DIGA - One Seg, Activila, YouTube Coverage: News - CNET Japan(Home appliances, "One Seg bring out function" which allows viewing and viewing of recorded programs with corresponding models is newly added)

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