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Today Apple is using a tablet computer"IPad" will be on sale from 8 am on May 28th (Friday)Then announced.Some stores in SoftBank Shop also sell from 8 o'clock the same dayIt seems like it is expected that many people will visit the shop in search of the iPad.

In abroad, a considerable number of queues were made on the day of release date, but as in the case when iPhone 3G was released in Japan, from the previous dayLong string of rowsIs it possible to do?

So, tomorrowMay 26. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on May 26th one year ago.

At the very least we can keep headlines as well as slurra readable, Japan 's frequent contemporary net terms 20 terms + α - GIGAZINE

Ultra convenient at PC replacement, image backup software "ShadowProtect" that can restore HDD whole even between different hardware completely - GIGAZINE

A woman who said good-bye to her boyfriend is going up and blow up male genitals with a firecracker - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Must-see fans! Cry scene ranking of manga "ONE PIECE"! (2010/05/17) | Cobbs Yokocho | COBS Career Career Change in 20's "Previous" Column & Community Site(Manga, people who are trying to read ONE PIECE from now on may not want to see it)

Reasons for erroneous calls on people's cell phone - Slashdot Japan(Society, I can not distract from conversation, I can not control myself so that I do not listen, it leads to discomfort and irritation)

Business Media Makoto: I start to get irritated with 2 seconds of page display, and one third becomes 'Good enough' (1/2)(About "fast" accepted by Google is about 1.5 seconds)

Real Live - Ninja Reporter Dragon's Road "What is a band that raises and lowers a crotch zipper?" ~ THE ZIPPERS ~(It seems that music, the thing responsible for raising and lowering the zipper of the pants is said to be "Jiparist")

Shimada Shinsuke, young bullying again! Oriental radio as a victim! Shinsuke, a massive loss of 100 million credits with JAL stock! | Entertainment News, Don!(Entertainment, rumor that it may be caused by a major loss of tens of millions of yen to billions of units with JAL stock that was delisted)

Best trend "The Prince of Dumpling" The Secret of Success "Not Built in Families" "Homemade" "Handmade" (1/2): J-CAST News(We tried differentiation from family food by utilizing the open kitchen where food, kitchen can hear cooking sound)

Kim Taak, who is a leading star drama, thought about "the six things I can do now" - Saizo Woman(Entertainment, things that have drunk quite well are also described)

Gaming industry lacks veteran - only 13% of developers with 11 years experience or more | Inside(37% of the people in the game, the game industry is 3 to 6 years of experience)

Unusual dollar inflating rubber gloves with sniffing: East sports WEB - Tokyo sports newspaper(Performing arts, other "Self-tortoise restraint" and "Otaki dance" show idiosyncratic quirky feats that I do not think)

Drinking water ranking that I want to drink in the summer, "Cider" in 1st place - Oricon ranking by gourmet theme(Foods, barley tea and sports drink ranked in what is said to be a standard)

"FRONT MISSION EVOLED" Release date determined! - FRONT MISSION PROJECT BLOG(Game, release date is Thursday, September 16, 2010, price is 8190 yen including tax)

The time has come! That's it Killing the runaway of Hanshin / Jojima, Arai(Baseball, if third base runner touches up with a sacrifice fly from 1 out breadth, if it is good-bye good, Arai of second base runner also touches up to third base for some reason)

World competitiveness ranking, the rise of Asia clearly: Nikkei Business Online(Economy, Japan ranked 17th to 27th)

[Reading notice] Unresolved case is too weird: alfalfa mosaic(Although the statute of limitations on public prosecution such as cases and homicides was abolished, can we reduce unresolved cases?)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Public gambling "review" business sorting Rein Regan Minister - Politics(Gambling, public gambling is a horse race · bicycle race ·Boat race (race boat)· 4 in auto race)

When entering Australia, declare porn possession. - Slashdot Japan(Travel, customs officials were given the authority to freely investigate personal items such as travelers' laptops and mobile terminals with respect to possession of porn)

Digital Camera Utilization Cram school: Five points before shooting, this will not fail - ITmedia digital camera plus(Camera, introduction of the checkpoint you want to check before shooting)

To the leadership of the Verdi League NHK News(Sports, the management is likely to become difficult at the end of next month)

Current affairs dot com: pedestrian heaven, resuming in July = 2 years since indiscriminate killing incident - Tokyo · Akihabara(Society, despite there were opposing opinions, opinion in favor, such as "leading to bustle in the city" was dominated)

【Greece】 Investigate celebrities, athletes, lawyers, etc. and strengthen tax evasion control ... The attorneys listed are 3000 people - bananahaNEWS-(Society aims at eliminating the sense of unfairness of citizens by increasing tax revenues)

'Sea Shepherd delegates are wrong' 'Respect of families' Detainees in detention is intensely white (1/2 page) - MSN Sankei News(Society, defendant in custody criticizes Sea Shepard representative)

"Inner meal return" "Tankari Corn" to increase production House Foods - Sankei Biz (Sankei Biz)(It seems that the sales volume of corn, corn is increasing rapidly)

UK chain store issues "chocolate bond", interest is product | global speech | Reuters(Food, the chocolate chain store issues debt and interests the boxed chocolate)

Toyota, the recall problem echoes: Nikkei Business Online(Many people respond that automobiles, Toyota and Lexus brand image "got worse", Honda and Mazda have a good image)

CNN.co.jp: Google MBA student popular company for 4 consecutive years(Job, expected earnings salary and annual income are decreasing)

Hula Dance Koshien: "I am lively with the power of young people" next spring in Iwaki - every day jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Social girls' high school girls play hot battle with hula dance on the stage of movie 'Hula Girl')

Court copy 50 yen "Too expensive" ... Review judgment: Politics: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Judging that copy service such as society and court record is "too high")

Rain after a rain: Moderator of TBS 's new program "Revolution x Television" Moderately Use You Stream and Twitter - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Programs, Softbank · UTS comments on expectations for the program)

Concrete with "good smell" (Excite Bit Connector) | Excite News(Because I use notes, commercial perfume, it seems that the number of kinds can be made without limit)

"Saifu" the iPhone! I'd like to have it right now Smartphone Utilization Goods - Digital - Nikkei Trendy Net(Cases with pockets to receive mobile, IC tickets etc and mobile boosters etc.)

Long loved, 'near perfection' 11 selection: image gallery | WIRED VISION(Automobile, each type is a different design, but only things that capture the hearts of car lovers)

Cameron Diaz, "Charlie's Angels" pants no longer enter: movie news - movies eiga.com(Although movie, sequel planning is emerging, Cameron Diaz is not willing to appear, how about the other two)

Skateboard session at Mori Art Museum - Expressing new space with riding - Roppongi Keizai Shimbun(Installation that fuses art, skateboard and mural painting)

VAIO P, comfortable if it is the strongest spec? - Digital - Nikkei Trendy Net(Performance that can be tolerated if you divide it if you divide it by e-mail or web-centric, such as hardware, it can be used in hand with extended driving time, etc.)

Good news for smokers! What is the impression of the topic "smokeless tobacco"? - Tokyo Walker(Society, satisfaction is not 100%, but it is convenient to use with ordinary cigarette as a place hard to suck)

Terrestrial digital penetration rate 83% units ... Firstly surpasses target of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications: Economic news: Money · Economy: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Society, the eco-point system spurred the promotion of digitalization into the ground)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): The child who plays outside with friends "to high education and high income" German law survey - society(Society, "Is playing to nurture human beings and curiosity by raising the ability to interact with people through making rules of their own friends and decision-making power, touching nature and surprisingly calling the question" why "? Analysis)

Canon stop discontinuing the development of domestic SED television - AV Watch(It is a big reason that cost reduction is difficult compared with hardware, liquid crystal television whose price drops continuously)

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