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As a result of a questionnaire survey on "Variety program that I want to resurrect", "Downtown geek feeling"Or"Television that genius · Takeshi's energies come out! It is!Suppress the powerful people such as,Variety program that you want the most revivalTV Asahi's "Uchimura Produce"Was chosen.

Looking at the rankings by age, there is almost no program of TV Asahi, and Uchimura Produce may be positioned as a representative variety program of TV Asahi.

So, next MondayApril 20. On April 20th one year ago GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

NASA Iwaku, "Mankind returns to the moon by 2020" - GIGAZINE

Design and note of toilet that I can not stop mind - GIGAZINE

Puzzle game "Open Doors" to open the door and advance to the goal - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
YouTube, Content Distribution Contract with Major Film Companies - ITmedia News(In addition to the tense relationship with Hollywood, net service became thawed, Sony Pictures etc. reported that they signed a content contract with YouTube)

Hatsune Miku Studie GLAD BMW Z4 Channel - Nico Nico Channel & Community(Net service, schedule of SUPER GT 2 race to be held on Suzuka Circuit on April 18th and 19th will be released)

From spreading LED lighting fishing lights to dragonfly type street lamps - ITmedia News(A variety of LED lightings will be exhibited at the exhibition "Next Generation Lighting Technology Exhibition Writing Japan" that collects lighting)

Nakai Masahiro, starring the moon 9 at "Barter", both the co-star and Bimmy distance feeling: Saiseau woman(Entertainment, on the radio "I am not the main player of the drama")

Yutaka Ozaki: Yutaka Ozaki, undisclosed footage of the last tour can be found / BARKS news(Entertainment, delivered as a user privilege image on the official site of au)

New college graduates 'waiting for home' followed secondly 'cancellation of contract' was not over! | Lawyer / Toru Nagasawa Reading the Troubles of the Company | Diamond Online(View that society may be aiming for voluntary retirement behind home wait)

Electric power sales declined by 5.9% in the past largest in FY2008 - 47 NEWS (Yenana News)(Society, the economic downturn sounds that production cutbacks have been successively reduced)

Set up "private room toilet" for men / eliminate trouble at defecation - Shikoku Shimbun(Memo, set to eliminate troubles hesitates defecation due to being teased)

Hiroshima juvenile training instructor assaulted inmates China newspaper news(Memo, reasons for beating and detailed people are not disclosed)

The final beta 4 of Firefox 3.5 will be released next week! : Tell me, you .net(Software, equipped with the latest Javascript engine "TraceMonkey")

J-CAST News: Wherever "Pork Bowl" Goes to Suspicious Home Whispered ...(Although it is a pork bowl that appeared as a substitute for food and beef bowl, many fans are becoming established as a classic menu)

"Foaming creamy coffee" made with instant | Excite News(Eating, putting hot water a little at a time and stirring until it becomes a coffee cream point)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): counterfeit money, to hide the debt to the suspect's mother used by the mother of the dressing company - society(Stated as counterfeit, "I did not intend to use it and put it in an envelope for when my husband asked if there was money)

Asahi.com (Asahi newspaper publishing company): fart smell pants safe pants in 80 seconds 80% deodorant, sound impossible - shopping(Clothing, ceramic particles and metal ions woven into yarn adsorb and decompose smell)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): 10 years old, buy cigarettes on the face of Otona Taspo unnecessary vending machine misunderstanding - society(This time it was the first time that society, elementary school student was mistakenly recognized as an adult)

Super guards, stolen without wife calling when it is alone at night: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Liefing, stating that "life has suffered")

Kansai Electric Power hides income of 600 million yen, accounting for loss in fiction around land transactions: society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Note, the total missing declaration amounted to about 6.2 billion yen, and the national tax authorities seems to have added taxes of about 2.1 billion yen including double tax payment)

Toshiba reduced operating loss to 250 billion yen Fiscal year ended March 2009 NIKKEI NET (Nikkei Net)(Reduction in deficit due to increased sales of economy and semiconductors and improvement of profitability of LCD TV beyond anticipated)

Business people 's brand evaluation, Panasonic 2nd place rapidly rising 09 Maintaining Toyota leader NIKKEI NET (Nikkei Net)(Social, "Human Resources" "Foresight" power points will be significantly increased from the previous year)

KOSAKI: Five million tons fly to Japan Flying nearly half descent - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Health, the amount of descent to Japan is on average about 1.8 million tons per year)

Yamagata prison deputy guardian deputy director is decreasing "not worth living" to prisoners - MSN Sankei News(It seems there was a problem in the work attitude in addition to the memo)

"I wanted to show that I am working for my child" Captain in motion picture at the time of landing - MSN Sankei News(Note, posting the shot video on the internet video site, and reporting the video warns)

Current affairs dot com: full-scale deployment of ion-based drug stores and convenience store stores = May, the first store in Saitama prefecture(Society, full-scale deployment of a convenience store-oriented drug store by receiving supplies from Ministop)

Current affairs dot com: Flier from a Japanese engine aircraft = No injured person - Haneda airport(Accident, natural stoppage when stopping the engine right after the flames)

A magical word that a man wishes to positively confess | a strange lamb Bar man Gokoro commentary | Yorukoyoruta(Love, it is okay if it is a lie, it seems good to appeal "weak to push")

Domestic distribution map of pollinosis people clearly, with Yahoo and map info joint system: marketing - CNET Japan(It turns out that it is many in the suburbs of the big cities on the Pacific Coast)

NHK Develops Camera for Super High Definition Video Capture All Viewing Angle: News - CNET Japan(Memo, 33 million pixels corresponding to 16 times the current high-vision broadcasting, 4320 ultra high definition video systems with scanning lines)

Large-scale update with 'St IV', new mode, new content added - Famitsu.com(You will be able to enjoy real-time tournament battles in games and network opponents)

Gambare young people! What is not the most in the world is Japanese society: ZAKZAK(Note, Japan warns that Japan's birthrate and the aging population are the most advanced in the world in the 2009 White Paper on Declining Birthrate Society)

"File sharing software, guidance not to use" - ACCS, etc. Request sentence to university / technical college - ITmedia News(Strengthen efforts in response to society, file sharing software users in the past year exceeded 10%)

Home electronics - basic terms of modern home electronics - 第 43 回: Home blood pressure monitor(Home appliances, handiness of measurement is "wrist type", if data accuracy is "upper arm type")

Daily change dates Sanpaku shot! Bananaman Himura is Motomote! | Speedy! Back art(Entertainment, Himura often moves alone than Gokon)

【OL White Paper vol.37】 Wording by New Social Worker "Worried" 70% Diet · Esthetic · Beauty Oricon Ranking(Memo, senior citizens are most concerned about "new movers'" mouth ")

Takoyaki star, Lake Chimpo, Mowing machine Masao ... summary of strange naming from quadruple name to product name | trend | free video GyaO [gao] |(Memo, celebrity system from bottom neta series, etc.)

Mr. Ichiro Zhang Meng exceeded! 3086 hits eyes (baseball) - Sponichi Annex news(Sports, challenging the huge 2000 hits in the major league in the future)

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