Is Ichiro surprised too? Miracle catch of ball girl

Ball girls who handle the balls that interfere with the play on the ground will show a fine play that professional baseball players will be surprised. Let's see brilliant play like a ninja.

Gatorade ball girl - YouTube

The batter hit the ball with force.

It is striking quite high, but obviously it is a foul ball. Hmm? There is a woman who runs down.


Kick the wall with the left foot, jump 2 steps!

Then kick the wall with the right foot, jump 3 steps! Catch the ball brilliantly.

I feel like a heroine.

Catcher is also natural.

By the way, this movie is a CM movie of sports drink 'Gatorade'. It is unknown whether the ball girl 's catch itself is true or not actually caught.

Gatorade Ball Girl - Google search

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