Sony released "Playstation Mobile" or multiple smartphones

In 2007Sony may release mobile phones bearing the brand of game machine "Playstation"I told you that it has been revealed that there is a possibility of being really released.

In addition, it is touched on the appearance of multiple smartphones in the future.

Details are as follows. / UK - Struggling handset maker needs to get smart - and fast

According to this article, Sony Ericsson, a mobile phone manufacturer of the Sony Group, is currently suffering from unprecedented poor performance.

Several analysts said that with regard to this poor performance, Motorola, which is suffering from Sony Ericsson and poor performance as well, has failed to keep pace with the development of smartphones, which has dramatically increased demand with the arrival of Apple's iPhone It is said that it analyzed that it has a big influence.

And Mr. Komiyama who took office as Sony Ericsson's top in November 2007 said in London that "If we do not adapt to this new technology and market environment, we will lose," said 800 million a year As part of cutting costs of 80 million euros (about 116.5 billion yen), we have decided to centralize decision making as well as to restructure 4000 employees, which is 30% of the total, by the middle of next year as part of cutting costs.

Although the above image is Sony Ericsson's first smartphone "XPERIA X1", it is said that Mr. Komiyama is "a kind of experiment" about "XPERIA X1" and by NOKIA'sSymbian OSAnd at least two smart phones adopting OS such as Microsoft's Windows Mobile, Google's Android, etc. In addition to mobile phones bearing the brand name such as Cyber-shot and Walkman, in addition to Sony's game function which is the strength of Sony "It is possible to happen" about the possibility to make the appearance of PlayStation Keitai "appear.

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