Terminal manufacturer executives mention what will happen to "Windows Phone 7" which is selling poorly

It is a smartphone that adopted Microsoft's latest OS "Windows Phone 7" for mobile phones that debuted in Europe, America and Asia from October to November last year,The number of units shipped to mobile phone companies and retailers as of 6 weeks after release (number of units sold to users) remains at around 1.5 million units worldwideAnd while iPhone and Android smartphones are recording strong sales worldwide, complaints are not good as well.

In response to such a situation, it became clear that executives of terminal manufacturers mentioned future prospects and the like. Up to the previous version "Windows Phone 6.5 (Windows Mobile 6.5)", despite the fact that the corresponding smartphone was sold, it is a "Windows Phone 7" terminal which is not even released in Japan, but what will happen from now on Is it?

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LG: Windows Phone 7 launch could have been better - Pocket-lint

According to James Choi, director of department responsible for marketing strategy of LG Electronics, sales of smartphones that adopted "Windows Phone 7" seems to be lower than originally anticipated.

In releasing Windows Phone 7 compliant smartphones, LG Electronics has revealed that it has worked closely with Microsoft, making it more intuitive than Google's "Android" with the opinion of being "complicated and difficult to use" Mr. Choi says.

In addition, users who are familiar with the technology mentioned about the disadvantage of Windows Phone 7 "It may get bored in 1 or 2 weeks", but on the same platform "Although it did not meet the expectation at the time of release , We have a high potential. "

By the way it is worrisome whether LG Electronics will release Windows Phone 7 compliant smartphones, but Mr. Choi said mobile phone companies and handset makers against AndroidPortfolio (try to reduce risk by investing in things of several different natures)It seems that it will be released in the future as it believes that it needs to be released as.

And in order to increase the market share of Windows Phone 7 smartphone and make it function as a portfolio, we need to release terminals for entry users such as middle-end models and low-end models as well as deployment of high-end models that are currently under way It shows that there is.

Since renewing the platform has made it impossible to take over the software assets so far, there is no advantage such as becoming a receiver of smartphone users who adopted the OS up to Windows Phone 6.5, and it is the same as the iPhone and Android smartphones to the last place It is a Windows Phone 7 that needs to fight, but I'd like to expect expectation for a life expectancy.

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