Acer's low-priced mini-note "Aspire One" launches smartphone

Low price laptop computer which was found to be cut down the other day "Aspire OneIt is clear that Acer, famous for such as "intent to release smartphones".

Google's free OSInexpensive and highly functional mobile phone equipped with "Android" appearedAlthough it is a long-awaited smartphone market, what kind of terminal will appear on the market?

Details are as follows.
Acer branded smartphones to hit the market in 1Q09, company clarifies

According to this article, despite the deteriorating economic outlook, Acer is optimistic about the prospect of growth, forecasting that sales of laptop computers will increase in 2009 as well.

And by acquiring smartphone maker "Ten Information Systems" early this year, it is expected to be able to release smartphones in the first quarter of 2009.

Acer's smartphone was launched in Europe and Russia in advance and is currently negotiating to be launched at mobile carriers all over the world and other regions may be released in the latter half of 2009 I will.

It is a Japanese smartphone market where the "WILLCOM 03" of SHARP, the "Touch Diamond" of HTC, "Touch Pro", and Apple's "iPhone 3G" crowd together, but there is a possibility that Acer will enter Cow. I will be concerned about OS adopted and mobile phone company to be released.

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