Sony may release "Playstation Mobile"

It seems that mobile phone maker Sony Ericsson jointly owned by Sony and Ericsson may be considering the development of "Playstation mobile".

In other words, is it like a mobile phone version of PSP?

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According to this article, Sony Ericsson seems to consider using Sony's PlayStation brand as a new top model mobile phone.

Sony Ericsson already has a BRAVIA mobile phone using Sony's LCD TV "BRAVIA" brand in Japan "SO 903 iTVIn addition to releasing "overseas" CyberShot Mobile ""K 810 i"In Japan and abroad"W 52 S"Walkman Keitai" has been released, so in the future "PlayStation Keitai" is also possible as possibility.

By releasing such a terminal as above, Sony Ericsson seems to have grown from the fifth place to the fourth place in the global mobile phone market share.

Incidentally before at GIGAZINEToshiba developed an LSI capable of 3D rendering similar to home game machines with a mobile phoneI told you that this processing capability of LSI exceeded PS2, it may be realized in the future not so far.

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