Famima limited "Sapporo's first meat cabbe soba" is lacking cabbage

I bought "Sapporo First Meat Cabe Soba" which is sold only for Family Mart from Tuesday, August 28, and ate it. As the name is, the main tool is near meat and cabbage, but what about that cabbage is a bit unsatisfactory?

Details are as follows.
"Finished sachet" is attached.

467 kcal, high calorie contrary to the image which seems to be crisp.

When I open the lid, it feels like this.

Pour hot water and wait 3 minutes.

Peel off the lid. Green seems almost like a green onion. I want to think that this is actually cabbage, but there is no crunch.

Mixed place. I tried looking, but I do not see much cabbage lumps.

Although the volume of the bean is pretty, it has been cut with bubble wrap and there is not much crunch. And cabbage is rarely found despite the name "meat curb side". When I wonder where I went, sometimes I have a feeling of shakiyaki in the mouth, so it seems that what is in is included. It is regrettable that the meat is so soon because it contains large chunks. Soup is sweet and soup like close to herbal side. As compatibility with cabbage seems to be good, I think that it was becoming satisfactory "meat curb side" if more amount of cabbage was more.

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