At last Sony Ericsson to release "Android" phone within this year

Sony Ericsson has been saying that they are going to release their high-performance "Android" OS phone. And now, they seem to have begun preparing for mass production of it.

As you can see in prior "Android" phones like T-Mobile's, the OS enables phone manufacturers to construct a powerful system with low cost. And Sony is known for is distinguished electronic device. How awesome a product this combination of two electronic giants can offer?

Read on for detail.

Sony Ericsson likely to outsource Android-powered handsets to Foxconn, says paper

According to the news, Foxconn, the leading EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) company in Taiwan, has become the manufacturer to which Sony outsources the production of their Android-phone.

Though there's no official announcement for the concrete date of release, leaked internal document says that Sony is to announce their new phone by Christmas season collaborating with European cellphone carrier Orange.

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