Reporting that "IBM has ceased development of Cell processor", what will be the processor installed in Sony's next generation game machine "PS 4"

It is Sony's PS 3 which has increased unit sales at a stroke by appearing at a price that cuts off 30,000 yen this September, but it is installed in PS 3Cell processorA report was reported that IBM will cease development of.

By utilizing the Cell processorPS3 software "Uncharted 2" which got a very high reputation mainly overseasOverwhelming graphics and aimed at image quality closer to Blu-rayDVD up-conversion functionAlthough PS3's unique functions are realized, etc. If Sony releases the next-generation game machine "PS 4" in the future, what will the loaded processor be?

Details are as below.
PowerXCell 8i is the last one out | Fudzilla

According to this article, IBM seems to have ceased development of the successor model of Cell processor provided for servers.

It is said that the successor model will not appear in development of "IBM PowerXCell 8i processor" which combines two PowerPC-based core processors "PPE" and 32 calculation cores "SPE".

Receiving this reportInformation that "IBM has ceased development of all Cell processors" jumpedAccording to the following link, IBM spokesperson said that development was stopped only to the successor to "IBM PowerXCell 8i processor", and the development of other Cell processors will continue .

IBM have not stopped Cell processor development -

Sony, Toshiba and IBM, which jointly developed the Cell processor at the time of 2006, are further miniaturized than the 45 nm process adopted by the Cell processor mounted in the latest model PS 3 which is currently on sale It wasWe are clarifying that basic research will be conducted jointly on advanced process technology of 32 nm or moreHowever, if the development of the Cell processor continues, around the time that the next-generation game machine "PS 4", which is expected to be released by Sony in the future, comes into the market, the power consumption, processing performance, manufacturing The possibility that a Cell processor superior in terms of cost can appear is fully considered.

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