How does "Nintendo Switch (Nintendo Switch)" change CPU & GPU speed when using dock and not using it?

Nintendo's new game machine finally announced on October 21, 2016 "Nintendo Switch"Various speculations had flied from before the announcement. At the same time as announcing Nintendo Switch NVIDIAA customized Tegra processor is installedEurogamer revealed how much the speed of the CPU and the GPU changes when using the main body as a stationary type by placing it on the dock and using it as a portable game machine by removing the dock It is.

Nintendo Switch CPU and GPU clock speeds revealed •

Overseas MediaVenturebeatYaEurogamer"Nintendo Switch adopts Tivra X1 based chip adopting NDIVIA's Maxwell architecture", but Nintendo remains "unknown how to customize Tegra X1?" is. While it is only the developer to know how to customize, Eurogamer says "Nintendo Switch as a deferred type and handheld game machine" as it is investigating patents and similar devices that Nintendo acquired so far It can be inferred to some extent how the speed of the CPU or GPU changes with the case where it is used as a PC. "

Eurogamer is comparing "NVIDIA SHIELD" of the Android TV console equipped with a similar processor, assuming that the processor mounted on the Nintendo Switch is a customized Tegra X1. Assuming that Nintendo Switch uses the same 20 nm Maxwell generation processor as NVIDIA SHIELD, the clock frequency is an important indicator for measuring the Nintendo Switch's ability. However, in consideration of Nintendo's patents etc., the processing capacity of the Nintendo Switch's battery and the machine seems to be sufficiently high with Tegra X 1, Eurogamer says, "It seems there is no need to improve CPU performance with a dedicated dock As a result, the dock is supposed to be only for improving GPU performance. "

The speculated specs of Nintendo Switch which was flicked out are as follows. The CPU is 1020 MHz unchanged at the time of docking (Docked) and unused (Undocked), but this is a value not drawing out the full potential of Tegra X 1. The memory bandwidth is 1331 MHz when the dock is not in use and 1600 MHz when using the dock, but the developer of the game title will be able to select it. And while the GPU is 307.2 MHz when not using the dock, it can be extended up to 768 MHz when using the dock. The 307.2 MHz when not using the dock is not the performance of the processor, it is assumed to use the Nintendo Switch as a portable game machine, which is about 40% performance when using the dock.

However, Eurogamer estimates that Nintendo may change from Tegra X 1 based chip to Tegra X 2 chip adopting next-generation architecture Pascal by March 2017 when Nintendo Switch is released . Tegra X2 is a processor using a tri-gate transistor structure called "FinFET", which can achieve better performance and battery life than conventional processors. Eurogamer said the reason for this speculation is that NDIVIA himself said "Customized Tegra processor is loaded" and among them, "GeForce series of gaming graphics cards showing the best performance in the world" The same architecture is adopted as "It seems that it is also related to having commented.

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