Passengers successfully land passenger aircraft in lieu of a pilot who was killed while flying

Broadcast "Does your customer have a pilot?" Is one of the words you do not want to hear most when you are on an airplane, but instead of a pilot whose heart has stopped and becomes uncontrollable It seems that the incident that passenger had landed the aircraft was in Florida, USA.

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Passenger helps land turboprop plane after pilot dies -

A case like this a movie or something happened in an airplane heading from Marco Island, Florida to Jackson, Mississippi. Lastly the radio that aircraft was silenced, the air traffic controller continued to call, where the communication that four passengers took off from the airport and reached an altitude of 9000 feet (about 2,700 meters), the airline controller called the third time Finally, a voice different from the pilot There was a response, and I was a passenger but the pilot had lost consciousness and told me that urgent help needed.

The controller confirmed that this man had a license for a small aircraft, but the twin turboprop with incidentBeach Craft Company · King AirIt is considerably bigger than an aircraft that men skipped. A man with a King Air license was immediately called up and kept sending instructions to the man in flight.

With the help of air traffic controllers, the man canceled the autopilot and left the aircraft as it was for the South West Florida International Airport. The direction from the ground and the calm operation of men were also worth it and the plane was able to land at the airport safely.

The beach craft king air that could safely land by passenger men

According to statistics, the accident caused by pilot health problems during 2007 on aircraft of less than 12500 pounds which is a bit smaller than the King Air that caused this incident was 22 million flight hours, 15 million It is only 6 out of ~ 200 million flights, and it seems to be even smaller if it is a large aircraft. Although it is an accident of 0.00003% which is not likely to be pretty, I would like to pray that I will not come across if possible.

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