A woman who performed surgery by masturbating with ridiculous things

It seems that there was an event that one woman carried in a hospital because he performed masturbating using things that he did not hear much. She said she was embarrassed by the woman who had the surgery and did not talk to the attending physician why she did masturbate using such a thing.

Details are from the following.
Lonely spinster had seedy surgery | The Sun | News

Woman has sex with pine cone, needs surgery to remove it | Say What?

According to the article, it seems that a woman living in Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia, performed masturbation by using a huge huge monkbokly of loneliness, but he seems to have carried the motherfucker to the hospital because it could not take it. After 2 hours of surgery, it seems that Matsubokkuri has been safely removed.

The woman 's comment is not posted, but according to the doctor who was in charge of the operation, it seems that it can only be thought that it was masturbating using the mice bokkary though what he thought. My doctor commented, "She was very sad," and seems to have not taught anything further.

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