NEC launches products combining personal computer and mobile phone, specialized organization established

It became clear that NEC is considering releasing products combining personal computer and mobile phone.

Things like smartphones are already on sale as being positioned between personal computers and mobile phones, but what exactly is a product that combines personal computers and mobile phones?

Details are as below.
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According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun news report, on April 1, NEC is to establish an organization specializing in the planning and market development of new products that combines the functions of personal computers and mobile phone terminals.

This organization is a newly established "Business Development Promotion Group" within the "Personal Solutions Business Unit" business unit that consolidates products and business for individuals such as personal computers and mobile phones, and the planning of new hardware combining personal computers and mobile phones He is also responsible for devising a new business model combining new hardware and the Internet.

When it is a product that combines a personal computer and a cellular phone instead of a smartphone, the mobile terminal which Wilcom also adopted Windows Vista for the OS released last year "WILLCOM D4Although it comes to mind, what kinds of terminals are born justly? OnceMobile gear"Or"SigmarionAs we are NEC who sent highly evaluated PDAs such as series, we are concerned about future trends.

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