Will you be reborn as a new au, Tadashi Onodera from KDDI retires?

KDDI President Tadashi Onodera who develops the second largest mobile phone brand "au" in the past was announced to retire from the president position.

While the company has its own unique routes that differ from other companies, NTT docomo and Apple's "iPhone", which began to address the enrichment of smartphones and communication services, continue to suffer in a way that is pushed by SoftBank Mobile Because I am, I would like to expect change.

Details are as below.
About change of officers | 2010 | KDDI Corporation

According to the press release released by KDDI, on December 1st, the company'sTakashi TanakaManaging director was promoted to president,Tadashi OnoderaThe president and president will retire from president position and will be dedicated to the president.

Mr. Onodera served as a vice president at the beginning when the three companies of DDI, KDD, and IDO merged in October 2000, when "KDDI" was established, assumed the position of president in June 2001, assumed the president from June 2005, It is a person concurrently serving as the "au" brand that was established in the form of merging the cellular phone divisions of each company on November 1, 2000, has been involved for a long time.

Mr. Tanaka, who is the new president, was the president of UQ Communications until June this year and is committed to launching the mobile WiMAX service in Japan.

I would like to expect that a new wind will blow by replacing the president,Finally we decided to put on a smile on our smartphoneIn addition,Improve communication speedAnd "Snapdragon" capable of high-speed processingImproved operation speed of voice terminalAs we are working on improving user's request and usability such as tackling KDDI, we are concerned about future trends.

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