WILLCOM develops high performance, low power consumption mobile terminal equipped with Windows Vista

Wilcom will collaborate with Sharp, Microsoft and Intel to develop innovative mobile communication terminals.

In addition to implementing cooperation with a wide range of applications, Windows Vista instead of Windows Mobile is implemented in the OS, and with Intel's latest CPU, it achieves high processing performance and low power consumption about.

Details are as below.
WILLCOM | - World's First Intel's CPU "Intel Atom Processor" Installed - About Development of New Mobile Communication Machine

According to this release, WILLCOM is developing a new mobile communication machine under the cooperation of Sharp and Microsoft, Intel.

It is planned to be offered in June 2008, and it has high affinity with FMC service that combines mobile communication and wired communication, and mobile communication style in wireless broadband where WILLCOM aims to realize with "next generation PHS" It will be an innovative product with a view.

Note that the terminal being developed is the latest CPU for Intel's next generation mobile deviceAtom processorIn addition to achieving both high processing performance and low power consumption, Windows Vista is adopted as the OS. By sharp high-definition wide liquid crystal on the liquid crystal, it is said that it can fully enjoy Windows Vista though it is a mobile terminal.

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