"Horiemon" that a newspaper or television never writes "The truth of" Horie Takafumi "Long interview Part 2 -

Previous Long Interview Part 1 Part 1So we had quite a lot of things to talk about, but in this part we interview up to where we got it. In the early stage I gave you a more relaxed atmosphere than usual, but it is quite relaxing from the middle, contents that are quite different from the interview of "regular conclusion" from the usual mass media often tend to do It finished. What was it with Horiemon, was not the thing that we saw through television, newspapers etc was "a virtual image"? Please check the truth with your eyes.

~ Mukuji
■ Problems of Japan's judge system and criminal trials that the media can not positively point out
■ Since the net is more interesting than television, the TV declines
■ How will the advertiser stay away from the future of television and how to make money with net business?
■ Horiemon's news check method
■ Reason why you restarted blogging, What you want for blog service
■ Personal computers Horiemon currently uses · Email software · Browsers etc.
■ Horiemon's memory game and how to choose comics
■ Finally to the reader, can you tell me that "I'm such a nice guy!"

Long interview that the real "Horiemon" is revealed The second part is from the following.
■ Problems of Japan's judge system and criminal trials that the media can not positively point out

GIGAZINE (hereinafter abbreviated as G):Because I also wrote it on my blog, I bother to talk about such a thing about idiot, but in japan, the judge system has already begun, what do you think? As present condition of present.

Horyemon (hereinafter abbreviated as H):What do you think?

G:Overall, it works well, including where it will not work.

H:Well, it will not work, but what has started has never seems to stop quite.

G:Do you think that it will not stop there any longer?

H:Rather, the part to introduce the judge system is ... ... In fact the Japanese judge system is incredibly incomplete.

G:How about halfway?

H:The point is that it applies only to serious incidents. I think that it is meaningful for it because it applies only to things like homicide, violation of firearms sword law or violent case, but it is really important for economic incidents and such things. However, it is such a shame that such viewpoint does not come in. I think that it seems like you do not know because the people are stupid. I think that you should say that you are not an idiot. Do not be silly. I do not care what you say.

G:Certainly it is.

H:Because the American jury system is supposed to be able to choose if the defendant claims innocence in a criminal case, the defendant. The jury system, the judge 's trial, which way to choose can be chosen by the defendant, and you can also join the jury' s selection. So do not you think it is a very fair mechanism?

G:Personally, I thought that the question of interrogation, apparently Japan is strange. First of all, the police are not obliged to record the interrogation, so you do not know what the defendant really said. Even if the police assemble it without permission, nobody knows. If it is voluntary, lawyers will not be present, so no one can prove whether he properly undertook the interrogation properly. Although it is useless to interrogate arbitrarily, it is useless to intimidate by saying that you arrest if you go against it, but the police will not be charged for guarding you by yourself. Especially criminal cases and others are so messed up that if we think that we will implement the judge system after developing the law around that, we do not maintain around that situation, in short it likes the criminal just by himself You are progressing in an environment where you can write your own sentences without permission, as the current situation.

H:Well, that's right. That's also a big problem ... ....

G:Why does not point out that anyone "is a problem!" About that around?

H:But, I think the problem is the most problem, I think that it is in that detention system.

G:What is the detention system?

H:In the case of Japan, the detention system is decided to be an investigative institution, and there are groups of organizations with forced investigation right. The most famous are the police, prosecutors, the Fair Trade Commission, the Committee for Continuous Monitoring of Securities, etc. After that, there are several welfare departments, Immigration Bureau, Department of Defense Department of Defense Ministry. In other words, there are organizations that can forcibly investigate with their own investigation authority. That will investigate and arrest you.

G:I see.

H:I am claiming an arrest warrant, showing an arrest warrant and arresting a warrant, but then you can detain the suspect. Is it possible to confine it in a prison? The deadline for the interrogation is decided to be 48 hours. In order to switch from detention to detention, we have to obtain permission from the court, from the court. So within 48 hours all suspects are escorted to the court. So we are taking procedures for detention. I am asked a question at the time. Once asked, that judge will give a judgment. So, we have another 99.9% detention, but we can detain 10 more days from that, and extend for another 10 days, so we can detain a total of "22 days" with a maximum of 48 hours + 10 days + 10 days extension. In the case of political prisoners, we can extend for another five days, but usually we can detain 22 days normally. Afterwards, it will be prosecuted and prosecuted, but once prosecuted, further detention (two months) after prosecution is allowed. After indictment detention is automatically extended automatically automatically every month.

G:Something, I can not get out at all. When it comes to this. (Detail is"Detention period")

H:That's right. And, after the indictment detention is done automatically, does not go to the court. Then I will bail for bail, but that isArticle 4 of Article 89 of the Code of Criminal ProcedureActually, it is the most crazy. That article is a provision that decided the terms of bail, but that, there are lots of requirements. It is like a condition not to bail, it seems that more than three years imprisonment has been confirmed, it is definite, murder crime or something, if such imprisonment for more than three years can not be bailed anymore. There are three requirements for such thugs. But the most problematic thing is that No. 4, "There is a danger of destroying guilt and escape."

G:Oh, I often hear that, that.

H:so. It is possible to prolong the detention when there is a suspicion of a person who seems to destroy the evidence, to talk back and forth, or escape. Even if bail is requested, it can be refused, it will be rejected. That will go to the court once. In TokyoThe Tokyo district court detective part 14It is deliberated at the 14th part of it (why on the Tokyo District Court pageThis part 14 is not described and it is not published). I'm bail for bail or specialty. Every procedure of detention is done there. The point is that it is becoming a professional department which is doing the procedure of detention relation for the time being, it judges it. Then, when we file a dispute, we can further take such a counter-appeal and such procedure, and after that the special appeal after that, basically the same way as the ordinary trial system is, that mechanism is decided for the time being. However, the basic is already subjective of the judge, Ban Bang Bang was pushed by a hanko and it ended.

G:It seems that the system is not functioning as it is.

H:The defendant is basically a bad man, and it is a premise that it is impossible to bail because it is unbelievable to tell a lie. But, for example, in my case I can not run away or hide, how do you think about it?

G:Yes. Is not it? It is impossible to think about anything. Because the celebrity, the mass communication is perfect and the face is well known.

H:Is not there any meaning to trap it confidently? There is no fear of destroying evidence and escape, in fact. You can do it on bail.

G:that's strange. Speaking of strange things, it is said that why the media suddenly returned the palm of the palm and reported it like a bad man, even though he is a suspect and almost no guilty such as the current offense of homicide is fixed There was also one.

H:If it is a usual American trial, I am sure that it will be bailed out in one or two days.

G:is not it. If it were overseas, it would be a problem in reverse if you detained so long for such a thing.

H:So why is it because the jury is allowed to participate as to whether to prosecute or not, America is.

G:Oh, is that so?

H:so. The jury decides it. Does this person escape or can not escape?

G:I see.

H:'Cause if I look at an ordinary person, I do not think "Horie-san is impossible."

G:Yes. I think.

※ Since it is said that "There was a slight misunderstanding about bail on America," so the more detailed content is "Jury system - WikipediaPlease refer to such as.

H:Probably probably the prosecutor will say many things, but the defense side can argue, so there. It's so famous that everyone will notice where they go.

G:I will not run away nor shit.

H:Yes, I do not think there will be no escape nor shit.

G:Everyone thinks.

H:However, the prosecutors say that such things as "they have private jets and the like, they may escape by plane".

G:It is a story about whether you are looking at the movie too much. It is said that the Japanese system is not maintained at all.

H:No, that is not maintained at all. Everything is decided in a completely closed room.

G:I decide on my own without being seen anyone.

H:so. Actually, the important thing is there. In fact, because the case part of the case of the example is also an economic case, the judge can not participate, is still to come. Then it will be decided in the closed room after all, in fact virtually.


H:Because the professional judge will issue a judgment. The biggest problem with professional judges is that they have been seeing villains all the time since it is biased.

G:Oh, it seems like police people doubt people immediately because they are just worse people.

H:Even for judges, criminal professional judges do the criminal, somewhat. Most of the careers will definitely get criminal cases, mostly. There are, of course, exceptions, but most of them will advance career in the criminal department. Well the most conservative court in the world is said to be Tokyo High Court.


H:In the high court 's judge' s career, the presiding judge is actually the last career in fact. Speaking of Sugoroku is "posted" post. As a bureaucrat, it is like a secretary general.

G:It is quite a vertex.

H:It is a vertex, there. People who can become judges of the Supreme Court from that there are already really special. Because judges of the Supreme Court are selected only by one or two from criminal judges.

G:It is small.

H:One or two of that 15 people, who can go there with a criminal justice career. That is why it seems like an honorary position anymore. Because it is a special honorary position, ordinary people already end up with the presiding judge of the high court as a career. So well, it's super-maintenance, in most cases.

G:I guess. Whatever you think.

H:I'm super superstitious or a messed up odds.

G:Well, it will be so if you consider it in an ordinary organization.

H:Mostly it is supermarket, there is a very strange person who has a very strong change of righteousness occasionally, someday.

G:Well, even if you are almost a conservative person you can not get up to such a thing, in the organization.

H:so. He came criminal trial for decades and went with a public prosecutor for a 99.9% conviction. I can only write convictions, in reverse. To write innocence is a very special thing, it is a very courageous thing. MoreoverDiscover exchangesBecause I am doing it.

G:What is judgment exchanges?

H:Although the judge's "judge" and the prosecutor's "examination", the prosecutor occasionally becomes a judge. Is that such a thing? You do think, there is. Normally.

G:Is not it a mess?

H:It is a mess, is not it?

G:Is not that too messy

H:No, but that's it, that's it. In essence, it is like the judge 's feelings, I have to train, it is like the construction. It's an adhesion.

G:Oh, everyone guru something.

H:You are a judge from a prosecutor, you already have a judgment that is closer to prosecution.

G:It is natural, right?

H:Is not it normal for normal? But that kind of system still exists, but nobody raises the problem of such a thing?

G:Well I will not do an ordinary mass communication, that's what it is. I also heard such a thing for the first time.

H:There are few people who know the exchanges.

G:I think that it is a big problem just by asking, but think regularly.

H:Is not it strange?

G:Is there such a system in the world as well?

H:No, I do not know, I do not know, unexpectedly, people, such a thing.

G:Because there is no person to tell?

H:Yes Yes.

G:What is the mass communication doing?

H:No, the press is obviously a patrician.

G:Oh, there are reporter clubs, too.

H:It is a ticket at the press club. Because I will not give you any information if you get along with a prosecutor.

G:I often hear it, that's it.

H:So occasionally like Fuji TV "HEROOr making something like selling romance. Well it is a matter of succession.

■ Since the net is more interesting than television, the TV declines

G:Although there is a little relation with the current story, newspapers / televisions / magazines which are popularly said to be mass media, old media is old media, though it is old media, but recently, the area is pushed as if pushed by the net Are you saying it is rolling? There are newspaper companies etc. that have been hit hard on the net, but there are some newspaper companies, etc. Ah it is I think that it was impossible to imagine that no one would still come here when Mr. Horie was active However, even though Horie himself thought that the media would be overwhelmed by the net as it is now, I made a report department in livedoor and intervened in a press club Was it done?

H:Although it was not thought that I could do something like GIGAZINE specifically, I thought that such a flow was natural and, from the very beginning, talk about a huge TV, in short, it is about television and media, but nowadays Is the number one media of the movie the TV? But the people watching the TV has a low income, and if you put it in a rude manner, the average income is obviously low. The point is that there are only amusements to watch TV. I have no money, so I only have to watch TV.

G:You can see it in free.

H:Yup. Because I can just watch it. As expected. So, there are time, only people sees it. People who are watching television for ever. Not all of us are like that.

G:Well, recently it may be said "information weak people".

H:But actually it is not. So, only those people with weak information are getting less visible. So, in fact, it has been known for many years that time sharing is important. Is not it time that the time share was being deprived of mobile phones and games, or TV? You are being deprived of the Internet and so on. Why was I deprived of the time share, "I was robbed from boring". To put it briefly.

G:Well that's right.

H:It is not a story that people who were doing Internet etc. are funny, completely. Even if I do it myself, I think that it is interesting, so the TV watching time has gone long and steadily. Because I also became it. Is there such an interesting thing! It seems like something like that, I'm going to be deeply depressed, both mobile phones and PCs. That's why there is a great deal of sense of profit, and the evolution of technology was so intense that we could have a business model that provides free service, in the case of the Internet. As a further tailwind, optical fiber has become very cheap price too.

G:It's like selling beating.

H:As for why that selling was done, when I first laid that optical fiber, the point was that I thought that it was essential that I could send only this amount of capacity, but I did not realize that it could actually be sent quite a bit Is it? I found out that it is possible to multiplex the essence by changing the wavelength among a single optical fiber, and it seems that it got a tremendous capacity when I gradually and steadily upgraded that technology. As a result, the price of net communication has already plummeted. About fiber optics, NTT initially said that "fiber lines can not be bent".

G:You said it.

H:'It is nothing wrong, you can not bend why, it's not fun! 'Because I have done fighting like that! That Roppongi's, it's a dirty cloudy building in a very dirty establishment when we found it, because we can only bend the pipe at three places to pass the optical fiber, the construction cost of this is how much it costs ... just like this ... That's it. So, "Fucking idiot!"

G:Only three places can not be bent ...?

H:YuzenThe cable of the same time is already making it fiber optic, it is twisted twisted, is not it? Why is Yuzen bent but your cable does not bend, I guess. It was a terrible thing to the extent that I was staggering and saying a foolish idiot. That kind of consciousness is also very low. Although it was an era like an idiot, though, it has become possible to transfer a great capacity anyhow. The price became cheap, the personal computer became cheap, the server cheaper, the chairman of a TV station was interviewed in a magazine, but in essence the infrastructure that supports the Internet is costing a lot of money And I said somehow that I should understand that I must do something about the cost burden, but Internet infrastructure is already cheap in the first place. Due to the evolution of such technology, it is much cheaper than before.

G:Well it's natural to evolve and become cheap.

H:The computer also gets cheaper and steadier at high speed, and memory is incredibly cheap.

G:Yes, it has become very cheap.

H:It's a terrible thing. So, if that happens, you can do most things for free and you can also make profitable doing things free, the current world is. Well then, does not it mean that somebody burdens that infrastructure cost entirely? It is simply that the infrastructure is cheap.

G:It seems to be wide and thin, is not it?

H:so. In addition, wireless technology has come up and it is getting cheaper and steady, infrastructure. Knowing that, it is very interesting. That's why it's interactive and interesting. I think that the biggest content is "people". People have infinite universe, so if you consider the entire universe as if it were inside the head of a person, that infinity vs. infinite combination will be even more infinite. Therefore, content is born as much as possible.

Because a great content is born by a chemical reaction by meeting that person and a person, the Internet is interactive and interesting, and it is totally fun from TV. TV is just in the head of a broadcast writer or the like is there. So there is no chemical reaction there. The interest of contents does not spread.

G:That is it.

H:So it is impossible to create such interesting content where impossible constraints are imposed, but I think it is splendid, but there is a limit. It should not be worth the cost and cost effectiveness. Content of people and people are provided by each other free of charge, so something interesting is born there. Moreover, the thing which was born is not free itself either.

G:This is exactly what the net is all about.

H:So, free content is interesting content like gangangan gang, for example, it is like a summary blog of 2 Channel "Painful news (No ∀ `)Something is exactly right.

G:after,Nico Nico DougaSomething is exactly like that.

H:Well, Nico Douga is a movie, but there is no need to limit it to a movie separately, it is quite interesting to see the painful news than to watch the trashy comedian art of TV variety shows.


H:Also, the one who saw people 's blog is interesting at all.

G:Yes, it is.

H:That's why I have noticed that everyone has not noticed it yet, the main thing is to notice people who are literate, but the interesting ones are all funny, so everyone noticed that they should definitely go there soon. "Water flows low," but it's interesting, so everyone will definitely go. I just do not know, because the information is weak. That's why I wanted to do something like that. Media, in short, connected with television, it shifted from the television to the Internet anymore. So, advertising on television is too cost effective, so why not try it.

In the first place, programming cost is too much for reasons as I said earlier, and radio wave delivery facilities are also old, so it costs a lot of money. Advertising Agency Japan's largest "DentsuI also have a tremendous margin. Whatever you think is expensive. And it will definitely escape from the expensive one. At first I thought that he would run away from the spot CM. The major income pillar of television stations is program advertisement advertisement,Spot CMRevenue and, after that, income from non-broadcasting, yet incoming non-broadcast income is small, from the whole pie. Like movies or character goods.Fuji TV Flower CenterAnd.

Such is still small, but advertisements offering programs are the biggest among broadcasts. So, first of all I thought it would be gone from this spot CM. Because broadcasting stations themselves are also issuing spot CM or something else, they already know that there is no effect.

G:Certainly the broadcasting station is releasing CM of my program.

H:No, no matter what I could do with a small potion, I knew that it would be meaningless unless the TV station sheds its own advertisement in order to get income out of the broadcast. Then it costs enormous cost, trying to do it. That's all there is to it at least if you do not sink at SoftBank Mobile level if you say it. That's why I guess it will get ruined first. In essence, there will be no suppliers that will give such CMs. After all the economy will not increase in population from now on, so it will not happen that companies will spend money to establish new brands. I understand?

G:I understand.

H:So spot commercials will not be used, to put it briefly.

G:Well it will be hard to use.

H:You do not have to use it as hard to use. There is no one to use. Well it says only SOFTBANK MOBILE is doing. In terms of image, it is such a feeling, is not it? What is spot CM? Do not you feel something like that?

G:Well it's definitely not meaningless unless you do SOFTBANK MOBILE.

H:So, in that sense it is decreasing very much, the spot CM. Well, all the television stations have turned into reds.

G:Well, in the blink of an eye. That's amazing, that momentum.

H:But it is a prediction that I finally came. After the subprime problem came, program advertisement should have decreased. But next year, perhaps more momentum, with Toyota in the forefront, I think that the number of TV commercials that Panasonic and others will issue as advertisers will probably decline sharply. They think that they are coming up with a certain brand well using the net or two-way media, but rather in the range of promotional expenses. I think I will spend money on something like how to spread Lexus or something.

G:I was surprised that the ad near that came to GIGAZINE, it seems like the time when the car company has advertised GIGAZINE.

H:so. So, it is better to put it out to GIGAZINE if you put out a CM on TV. Surprisingly, I think that it is quite cost effective for those who got a car test drive report at GIGAZINE. Although it may be rude, if it is GIGAZINE, if three cars are sold, is not it possible to get out?

G:Far from being able to get out, it will come fishing (bitter smile)

H:Besides, you can expect a long tail, are not you? You can advertise not only to Mr. GIGAZINE but also to media of other nets. Really, is not it story about how much money you can put out if there is money for a TV commercial? You can occupy the inside of the net, are not you? It's absolutely going to be over, money is.

G:In fact, before this was Sony's "VAIO type PBecause I did it at once in a docky place on the site everywhere.

H:Oh yeah, even livedoor had so many ads that I thought it was awful.

G:I was surprised. Wherever I went, I saw that advertisement, so I was truly outraged. Oh, the times have changed ...

H:Such TV commercials have meaning to do. It is better for VAIO type P to write a review on the review with media like GIGAZINE. Also get promoted more and more on personal blogs and distribute it to alpha bloggers. It would be much better if you did that kind of thing.

G:Well so you are right, whatever you think.

H:It is correct as a way of selling. That is why we can do so because of the recession.

G:It is a guy that you can not do extra things.

H:Because you can not do extra things, you will squeeze wisdom, the best way to start, "optimization" will start more and more.

G:Would it be a worst class TV CM?

H:It is the worst class. It is impossible. Even the program production budget, although reducing, will you cut again? Is not it boring even if it is boring? Originally TV programs lost to the net as content, but production costs are too costly and I think that it will be steadily going into a negative spiral with a feeling like it. So, I can predict that such a negative spiral is going to enter, probably that turning point will become catastrophic when the advertisement expenditure of the net goes beyond the advertisement expenditure of the television.

G:Does it feel like accelerating it at once?

H:If I thought so, the subprime crisis came and it seems like it came faster than I expected.

G:I felt a recession earlier than expected.

H:Perhaps it was said that money was flowing to the net with a great momentum probably because it was optimized because it became a depression, perhaps. It is getting awesome to think that there is a possibility that the TV and the net will reverse at a stretch. That's why I meant that at that stage, I was going to say that it would not be okay if I convert more and more on the net and asset of the television has to be changed quickly to assets of the net .

G:I see, i see. Well, if you think that you want to do it quickly, it will be a way of making it, definitely.

H:In short, people who do not understand something are talking about such things as content, fusions, how the video site is, how about it, and so on No matter what I'm talking about.

G:Yes. It will be so.

H:I wanted to tell you that it would be serious if you do not take it to the net as soon as possible.

G:Very much interesting now, it is very easy to understand.

H:That's the story. Now it is such a feeling.
■ How will the advertiser stay away from the future of television and how to make money with net business?

G:Although it is the next question, in short, before a while, I was expecting that advertisement will gradually disappear from television, though it seems that the future image of advertisement that Horie thinks about in the future is almost ... I think, but what do you think will be in the future?

H:It is a future image. After all, is not it good to use "long tail" well? It's amazing, is not it a Chinese company? Also, it's totally a long tail that spanking blogging. It's a lot of such things like 10 clicks a day. But that is amazing.

G:As you talk about long tail, it is an exception to China or Japan as it is seen all over the world, but in general Google is winning Yahoo!. Still Google is still Yahoo! You can not beat it. From the perspective of Mr. Horie who made a portal site called Livedoor, why do you think that?

H:But I think that they are considerably eroding. Is not it pretty intense in advertisement? Yahoo! IsYahoo auctionIs not it big?

G:The world's largest online auction site "EBayBecause I kicked out it.

H:Yahoo! The majority of the profit is Yahoo auc, is not it? Because the auction is a representative thing if you are profitable in Japanese net business, if you say net auction is Yahoo auction right?

G:Because I almost occupy it.

H:Speaking of net business which is profitable other than auction, free game, mobile game.Mobage,GREE,Mixi,Rakuten,Amazon. then,FXThere are also things like it. I think Google 's strategy is going well and it seems like it' s pretty hesitant in advertising, though.

G:If I go as it is, is it forecast that Google will win someday?

H:ButYahoo! newsBecause it is quite watched after all. That is Yahoo! It is the winner. Google'sGoogle newsThat is a failure. Google News has no meaning. Do not you think that it is meaningless to compare the news of each company? I think that that business is not going so well in them. Even from the newspaper industry, I feel disgusted and there is not much good. I thought that it was a good idea, but that did not go well. I keep on talking about a little while ago, but I think that it makes no sense to watch news on TV.

G:What do you say?

H:Is not it ok to look at the net separately?

G:Well, there is it.

H:Mobile or net. As a bar comes out with a cell phone telop, what is the meaning to watch on television? Do not you think? Furthermore, it seems like a caster of each news program, it is a commentary and it says my opinion, but I think that you can make such a blog of each caster and do it there. Perhaps I do not see anyone (bitter smile)

G:surely. There are times when you do not understand the meaning of existence such as the commentators coming out on TV news programs etc. There is something like time crush saying your opinion though it is not an expert.

H:In the television industry, I sent all the viewers to the net in that sense, and I will do all of the straight news, etc. on the net. And then I can do all variety and quiz shows on the net. Because Yoshio Kojima became popular as it was popular on YouTube. It is Yoshio Kojima who repeatedly viral on YouTube. Probably from my analysis. Because, first of all, I saw it on the YouTube for the first time, I saw it on YouTube for the first time, but since I was not doing so hard at deletion on YouTube, I thought that it widespread I will. Because everyone around me was watching on YouTube.

G:I see.

H:I think that the fire came from there. Actually. Well put it down and anyway such kind of variety and something of that kind do not need picture quality separately and it is actually fun who enjoyed bi-directionally. For exampleNico Nico DougaIt would be better to do something like it. That comedian is rather interesting, such as a comedy program. You can put all the things that can be done on the net in the net, and the television should do a good documentary, such as a guy like NHK Special, or a drama.

G:In a word, do you feel like seeing thoroughly?

H:That's right. Also, I think that you should put money in the place where you concentrate your budget and "Watch with beautiful images with HDTV". World heritage, documentary program, such good quality things.

G:Is that what you should look at in good quality images?

H:Yes Yes Yes. It is a feeling that you can use gold as much as a drama and the river drama, really. Because you can get an absolute return if you use it. Is not it possible to advertise as much on TV? If good quality DVDs can be sold, because secondary and tertiary income will come in as well. If it is good quality you will be able to sell it overseas as well.

G:Because good content can not be sold without making it. So, it will be necessary to add some amount of money to make good content.

H:Yes Yes. Now that we can sell it all over the world, that kind of content is called. Also, it is not universal in the world, what is interesting is that.


H:Oh, what I should do on TV later is a live broadcast of sports. I think that you should also do live broadcasts of soccer and baseball. Therefore, terrestrial digital should be specialized only for such things. So, I was thinking that I brought all the other things to the net.

■ Horiemon's news check method

G:Horie-san is quite bloggy and there are a lot of descriptions that I always see something news, but what kind of feeling do you check the news?

H:Not watching the news, I am watching a blog. Correctly, I'm watching a blog taking up the news.

G:Oh, I see. Are you using something like RSS reader?

H:"Livedoor ReaderYou use it. I registered with that and I am looking amazing.

G:That is why there are cases where there are mixed cases of "reading a blog" and "watching the news".

H:so. So I will naturally look at GIGAZINE.

G:Thank you very much. By the way, does the news itself like Horie? It may be strange to say the news junkie.

H:Yeah, I think the news junkie is news junkie. But everyone has quite a lot of news like junkies, is not it? Because the news is interesting, as content.

G:Speaking of news, what do you see about newspapers in the future? Somehow the future of the newspaper seems to be pretty dangerous atmosphere though.

H:Yeah, the newspaper has no significance. It has also been discussed during this time. It was a bit of an argument with someone like a journalist. Even if I insist too much on that, it did not get complicated so much that it was a painful thing, but that person says something like "Three newspapers and look at the list". According to the size of the heading and so on, it knows the value of the news.

G:Are you in area?

H:"Does not it have anything to do with it, is not it?" I think that is just his way of doing. Separately it is OK, but I feel a bit, that is not it ~. You can watch the news on the net with mobile phones and RSS. So there are quite a lot to see straight news on mobile.

G:Certainly there is a case that the mobile screen is sufficient.

H:Major news, do you have all the newspaper companies, too? And recently I will list it, docomo.

G:I guess you are doing it for sure.

H:so. What I thought about it was something a bit better than Google News.

G:For a moment, what area is it?

H:It's probably mobile, so that same news can be compared to make a comparison, but the first transition screen before that is picking up and giving out just one of them. In other words, I think that it is a different newspaper company or something news which the telecommunications company is covering, I think, I do not know. Anyway, I'm watching the straight news on mobile. And, if the personal computer is either, it seems to focus on blogs. Watching a blog is like watching the editorial stone.

G:He says that it is more than straight news, or that he adds to the blog about what he added.

H:Yeah, each news is being criticized by an economic commentator or a political commentator.

G:It is interesting because various people are writing.

H:Moreover, it is very easy to understand. Already, that is not enough ... ...

G:In other words it's easier to understand than television newscasters and experts explain.

H:Oh yeah yeah. People who appear in news programs basically do not understand anything, so they can only be critiqued outright.

G:Or you have no choice but to talk about things that do not matter.

H:Yes Yes Yes. That's why it's completely different, so you can accept it after all, blog. It is very convenient.

■ Reason why you restarted blogging, What you want for blog service

G:From about August last year I have been on a blog I was taking a rest for a while "Former president of Ameblo that worked at RoppongiI started it, but the content I wrote about the very first time, in short:One big reason for opening up this blog is to appeal that my unfair stubborn article based on an irreplaceable information source overflowing on the Internet is a mistakeThere was something twists and turns before I resumed my blog, was there?

H:No, I wonder what I should write. But there is always a desire to write something. Since stress accumulates, it seems that I wrote a blog, thinking about what to do, to get rid of stress.

G:whyAmebloI am doing it, but what is the reason for doing it with Ameblo?

H:It happened by chance.

G:By chance

H:I'd like to try using Ameblo. It is popular recently (lol)

G:How about actually using Ameblo? Is it easy to use?

H:Yes, it's easy to use. From the mobile.

G:Are you updating blog entries from your mobile phone?

H:No, I have put that sentence on my computer, but I'm pretty sure from approving comments, reading messages, and so on.

G:I see.

H:That's why it's pretty good indeed. Usability from mobileLivedoor BlogOr not much better at all. I have degrees of freedom and it is amazing. I do not have paid fee courses or anything else. Also, for a while I've thought that I talked to "2 Hiroyuki" in Hiroshima during this time, but it is a good stop, is not it, Ameblo. Maintenance is good, there is maintenance that surely can not be seen at all, once a week. I was talking about it being amazing. As an engineer, it seems like it is impossible. Well, it is nice to say that you can not do blog updates while maintaining it, but you can not see blogs anything at all? It looks like.

G:Certainly there is such maintenance. I can not see it at all.

H:I'm fine if I can not write comments, but I can not click on ads when I can not see them.

G:It will not be clicked. In short, it seems that the server is falling altogether.

H:In the meantime the user did not get angry so it was like Hiroyuki, "It certainly is the case" it seemed. If it is told, it is certainly so. But since the original Ameblo is cyber (agent), I wonder if it will be forgiven.

G:Perhaps there is such a thing, you are doing that frequently. Oh, I wonder if it is falling again, I am undergoing maintenance ... ....

H:So, there are places where everyone is quite up to it, recently.


H:If I were in the company, I think that it is not.

G:In short, I can not write comments, I can not write blogs Well Oh well still feel like displaying it?

H:I mean, I guess it is not it, if I were you. Do not fool him. "I have to stop, probably I can not update the system, I wonder if there is such a service!" I'd probably say.

G:Depending on how you do the system you should be able to do without stopping.

H:It is not an engineering spirit that it stops everything, is it?
■ Personal computers Horiemon currently uses · Email software · Browsers etc.

G:There are social network services (SNS) like mixi and so on. What kind of feeling do you see from Mr. Horie?

H:Beginning with SNS, both Gree and mixi were invited by the founders, invitations came, entered, left untouched, a tremendous number of requests came and it was serious. I got troublesome and approved them all, I sent a message saying that please do SNS at livedoor, I quit. That's why it's impossible. I can not use SNS anymore.

G:The story is a little strange, but what is using a personal computer by Horie?

H:It is now VAIO.

G:Why did you choose VAIO?

H:I bought VAIO when I switched to Windows from my old Mac. Then the usability will change slightly, is not it? The reason why I made it to VAIO in the first place was when I used a Mac and I liked the touchpad touchpad.Pointing stickI hate it, I. I thought that I hated it unless it was a touchpad computer, so I made it to VAIO. So I guess the VAIO you are using now is about the tenth.

G:It's a pretty heavy user, if it were you.

H:It is VAIO for the time being.

G:What is the OS of VAIO you are using now, XP or Vista?

H:It is XP. I put Vista, but it is considerably worse, it's hard to use ... ...

G:Which area was bad? It's a weird question, though.

H:It seems that something is going to be troublesome in the first place. It seems like "Already, ha ha". It looks like "Oh!", Is not it?

G:Because it is a big failure in Vista, I am making "Windows 7" as the next OS, but what about that?

H:"Windows 7" is still still like a good thing. Also, I thought about buying VAIO TypeP, because that was being advertised that much. But it was because I wrote that "I installed Vista" because I took a second step.

G:Were you already purchasing it with XP?

H:It seems I can install XP once.

G:Also, I was writing a sentence of blog, using a mail editor or something, that kind of thing was written, but what is the mail software I am using now?

H:Eudorayou know

G:Eudora is also becoming an open source and it becomes like a free flow, but is there anything to feel something while watching such?

H:I am already free in the USA, so it is not a normal flow.

G:Also, what browser is using Horie-san to see the net?

H:nowGoogle Chromeis not it.

G:Is it still because it is fast?

H:No, somehow.

G:In front of Google Chrome?

H:LunascapeOriginal browser for livedoor made by "TOVIRA"I used why somehow.

G:What? that is?

H:It is based on Lunascape. Well, since Google Chrome came out, I thought that it looks good, and now I am using Google Chrome.

G:Indeed, what kind of feeling do you use now?

H:Sounds pretty. Sometimes it's JavaScript or some other way of making it, but the window does not open. I do not know whether it is a bug in Google Chrome or a script bug, but basically I think that there are sites that only think about IE. I just started up IE only at that time. I can not see the movie, or sometimes do you have it?

G:There is.

H:There are inconveniences, but basically it's easy to use, is not it? The thumbnail was unexpectedly easy to use.

G:I see.OperaDo not you like to use something or something?

H:Opera is already here, you do not have Opera on your PC ... is not Google Chrome, as expected.

■ Horiemon's memory game and how to choose comics

G:Also, this question is also irrelevant at all, but is Horie selling a game or something?

H:The game basically already has the feeling that I did it by the time of junior high school.

G:Oh, did you do well enough until then?

H:No, as I was in junior high school, I did so much to die. I am already full.

G:So, do you have a game called "This is a masterpiece!" That still remains the most impressive at that time?

H:As expectedSorcerianAnd,YsOr is it?

G:It is astringent.

H:It is not astringent, at all. I think that it is interesting. I have not done anything like FINAL FANTASY.

G:In short, do you feel like you have stopped already before such a game comes out?

H:Yup. I've never done it, Dragon Quest, I, I. But, I thought that it is revolutionary, like sorcerian, so it came true.

G:Is that so addicted?

H:I was doing enough to die, in those days. At my friend 's house, various things. There was a guy who had anything, I did it well at his house. Puyo Puyo. MegaDrive and so on. Oh, that, that is PC engine engraving like peach iron. Well, something pretty much done, at that time. At the time I was addicted to it, so I am already full.

G:Then, did it suddenly stop working at a certain time? Did you have any chance?

H:It is a touch that I did not do it when I realized something. After all, as a college student, hey, more interesting things come out. I bought Super Famicom when I was in college year,F-ZEROI was doing it. Did F - ZERO be Super Famicom?

G:is not it.

H:Even if I bought it, I only did F - ZERO and Puyo Puyo. Where is that Super Famicom? I feel like I'm buying something, but I do not do it, so much. I have bought it even now, PS 3 and Wii. I also have DS. The game that I did the most at the end, that is it, it is Han Judo DS.

G:It is awesome even if it's like it again.

H:It is quasi second grade by Han exam DS and stops it. Because it is not class 2 or higher. I was doing it in English before that. Wii finally bought Wii Fit and finished ski jumping, is not it. It seems like you have not done anything to PS3. Oh, I finished doing Gran Turismo once, did not it? After that, it becomes a Blu - ray playback machine.

G:Also, Mr. Horie is reading quite a lot of manga, but how do you choose that manga?

H:Most of manga is a magazine.

G:If you say a magazine, are you reading it?

H:No, I am buying a magazine.

G:Buy it, bring it back, read a buzz, and if it is interesting then feel like buying books?

H:I also refer to the book "This manga is amazing".

G:I read quite a bit of manga, but do not you watch anime?

H:I hardly see anime. I have already decided what to see.

G:What do you say?

H:Well, if you have seen it recently, "Initial D" or ... I like it a lot. Other than monkey turns. Do not you know? It is the original of the competition boat manga.

G:Is not it cool or does it likes the one with speed? Even if I look at the lineup of cartoons that I introduce in my blog, I think that something is biased in many ways.

H:Are you being biased manga? so much?

G:I mean, I'm not biased, oh, I guess you are thinking something like Horiemon, I'm making a choice of guys thinking. I feel that there are a lot of manga like something like professionalism, for sure.

H:Oh, I guess so.

G:I think whether to "come soon" or "I'm going to see it", if you choose it.

H:Oh really? I think that 'Bekkono' is the best masterpiece in the past ten years.

G:Why did you start reading "HEAVENOOM", did you read that the series was serialized in a magazine, and it made it all right?

H:At that time "Morning" was being sent, my whereabouts. I definitely got a review of the Dragon Cherry Blossoms or something, so at the edge of something. At that time I got a comic magazine quite well, so it was good not to buy it.

G:Sounds good.

H:Even now "SPA!" Is sent though. Is not it listed in such a magazine, the comic book review?

G:Yes. There is.

H:Oh, so if you look at it and buy it, you can buy it with the feeling that Amazon's "who bought this book ~ ~" like, "Oh, this is there". Also, try discovering a new manga artist who used to like it. It is almost like that.

■ Finally to the reader, can you tell me that "I'm such a nice guy!"

G:Although I can not talk, does Mr. Horie miss a thing that makes me feel lonely when I'm alone?

H:There is. Well basically I hate solitary.

G:Does that mean that you should always make noise with someone?

H:It does not have to be noisy, but it seems like someone is better.

G:I see. Also, I think that I have also issued many books in the past, but are there plans to release new books again?

H:Yeah, well, that's a bit of a secret.

※ After the interview, during the production of this article "Thorough anti-war: Takafumi HorieIt is obvious that a book titled "will come out. As contents,

Mr. Takafumi Horie, former President of Livedoor who was arrested and indicted by "National Policy Investigation" two years ago and is currently appealing to the Supreme Court. About a few years ago, about the "Holiemon Whirlwind" and "Livedoor Incident" that caused Japan trouble, although the media coverage was like a mountain, the scenery that Mr. Horie saw was completely different. By writing down oneself, we clarify "the truth of Horyemon and Livedoor" and clarify how arrogant Mr. Horie was caused by the prosecution's runaway and domineering.

It seems to be like it.

G:Well there is nothing to do with this at all, but is there planning to get married?

H:There is not it.

G:Is not there anything already?

H:Not at all. I think that you are not married, right?

G:I wrote something on my blog.

H:Yes, I wrote it on my blog, but now I think so.

G:In other words, in other words, it means that she does not need her anymore, is she?

H:No, she would rather have had one, but I do not want to get married. There is nothing to be married. You better not do it. Marriage ... (far eyes)

G:Since there is no time any longer, it will be the last question, but the usual mass media is doing things like "Horiemon hit". That's why, on the other hand, for GIGAZINE readers, do you mean "I am such a good guy!"

H:A good guy says something, whether it is a good guy or not, what, what, which way, something like that, something like something like this, for example, this kind of explanation is very difficult to explain In the table pretending something good and doing something really good even with books, but the face on the other side knows a lot of people, something like bad .... I know so many people like that I do not dislike it, I do not like it. Because I hate it I complain to those people. So, I am a simple self-satisfied, but there is something I was told "maybe there is a feeling of justice?" It may be a feeling of justice indeed, but there is something like that in that place. Well, yes, it is "meddles", is not it. It does not matter, right? I'm sorry, so sorry, something like this, I guess. I can not help saying, "Oh, I guess these people eat quite a bit by saying like this in this way."

G:Something like a side of justice.

H:Those people ...... I heard criticism from the evil people, as a result, there are quite a few things that makes me bad. Yes, they always say so much. "Mr. Horie, you do not want to shut up." But there are places to say it. More, in fact, it is better to think about your own interests, you better doubt a person, but basically it is a sexual theory basically, the way of thinking. People think that there is no bad person like this. But that is a very important thing to think about the mental side. I was talking to another person just when I was interviewing another time ago, but it is important to forget and forgive.

G:It is a very good dialog.

H:The thing to forget is very important to maintain your own health. I immediately forget the bad things. I do not want it because I think that I hate it for a long time. If you do not think bad things, you do not feel bad, so it feels good. So, forgiveness is to forget what has been done to terrible things. If you do not forgive, I will keep sending negative aura to my opponent all the time, but it comes back to me like a boomerang. So, no matter how terrible it is done, I will forgive you.

G:...... It looks like a saint.

H:No, but that person is better, probably ... .... I think that "Oh, it makes me sucky," but I will forget it the next day. It seems like that may be okay. One complaint, like this, I complain, but, in other words, I will make it.

G:I guess something like sinking it in the water already.

H:Oh yeah you do not do that, you can not do life. Therefore, apart from whether it is a good one or not, I think that I want to constantly tell such things like this. So it's all my meddication. From the general public it is often thought of as "I do not want to meddle" or "I guess they are doing it for their own benefit".

G:But that is not the case.

H:I never thought so, but I'm going. Because it was told at the time of the incident, various things. I was told that I was sacrificing everyone to make money, but if I was to make a profit, I would not do such a thing.

G:In short, if only for yourself was to make a profit, as it was just said before, it is upright good to say good things, on the other hand ... is not it?

H:I do not even say that. I think I will divide in the basement. Sometimes I hit something, I got my money again.

G:There is a better way, it looks like it.

H:I think so. Really, such a thing, hey? The bad guy will not do it ... ....

G:Indeed, I understand. Thank you very much for interviewing for two hours this time.

In addition, we recorded all contents of this interview and posted the manuscript check in advance to Mr. Horie himself, and got the permission and posted it beforehand. In that case, there are no major modifications other than making the spoken language clear, and we do not do editing such as extracting only the advantageous points. I hope it will be a material for thinking again.

Most of the reports that are reported on weekly magazines, newspapers, TV and so on are words that the principal has told through from the beginning to the end, and most of them have significant edits, and only the convenient place is drawn out Even if it is told that it is "Natsuzen" it is almost unlikely content. Mr. Horie himself also blog "Former president of Ameblo that worked at Roppongi"I pointed out this fact, and blogs play a major role in preventing such catapult. However, against the general mass media which boasts overwhelming reaching power, the net has not yet been able to reach the counter attack in the true meaning.

As a trend of the future era, "information weak people" who drinks what is written in the newspaper and believes information which drips on the television as it is decreases, and people who can properly think with their own heads Is expected to increase. At that time, is not it time to think about what is the last thing left?

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