The world's first, 32 GB SDXC memory card finally appeared, a part of its ability revealed in a public demonstration

Although SDXC is attracting attention as the next generation standard for SD cards, its contents are tremendous, and in the future it will be called "The maximum capacity is 2 TB and the transfer speed is 300 MB per secondIt is said that it reaches.

And at the Cebit 2009 which is currently held in Germany, the real thing of the SDXC memory card was finally unveiled at the public demonstration.

Details and results of the demo which you care about how much you exercised on your strength are as follows.
.: Pretec:. - 1st SDXC in the World - PRETEC Demonstrates 32GB SDXC

This is the SDXC card

Pretec is the manufacturer that made the world's first demonstration. The file system is exFAT, and there is no compatibility with the current SDHC memory card. The SDXC card used in this demonstration is a sampling model with a capacity of 32 GB,50 MB per second. It is SDXC compliant and ultimately depends on the design of the host system.

The capacity is expected to increase further, and SDXC cards with capacity of 64 GB are expected to appear by the second half of this year.

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