Finally it is finally known how fast "USB 3.0" will be.

Although USB2.0 which is currently used most frequently has a theoretical maximum transfer rate of 480 Mbit / sec, that is, a transfer rate of 60 MB per second, in order for the effective transfer rate to reach this level, USB 2.0 It took quite a long time since the advent of the USB memory of the normal price range, but there is not much high speed so far.

Therefore, also for the next "USB 3.0"Does "USB 3.0" with a transfer rate of 10 times are not as fast as expected?The possibility is high, but at the Cebit 2009 currently held in Germany, the USB Implementers Forum made the first presentation of USB 3.0 for the first time and showed its actual speed.

Details are as below.
Technologies: USB 3.0 with 170 MByte / s at the Cebit - PC Games Hardware

According to this public demonstration, it was about 170 MB / sec. In the above article, it seems that the transfer speed of SSD has reached 170 MB per second, so it seems that there is not much meaning to measure even if it is issuing more speed. In other words, unless you are using it in a system like "RAID 0", it seems that you may not be able to feel it much even if the transfer speed is fast.

In the actual copy operation, it is about 60 MB per second, which is the value when it does not depend on file system, file size, block size, etc. It is undecided yet when USB 3.0 will be on the main market, but it seems that the first host controller is already being created.

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