SSD "Z DRIVE" which realized ultra high speed transfer and large capacity of 1 TB with maximum speed exceeding 700 MB per second

Previously at GIGAZINEThe fact that 512 GB of SSD has appearedAlthough we reported, SSD that finally realized 1 TB of large capacity appeared.

It is a ridiculous model that realizes not only a large capacity but also a phenomenal transfer rate that the maximum reading speed exceeds 700 MB per second.

Details are as follows.
TechConnect Magazine - OCZ demos 1 TB PCIe x 8 solid state drive at CeBIT

According to this article, it seems that the SSD called "Z DRIVE" of OCZ is exhibited at "CeBIT 2009" which is currently being held in Hannover, Germany.

"Z DRIVE" adopts PCI - Express x8 as the connection interface, and it realizes 1 TB of large capacity by installing four SSD of 256 GB model,RAID 0It is said that it realizes reading / writing speed of 500 MB ~ 600 MB / sec per second by using. In addition, the adopted flash memory is MLC.

This is the "Z DRIVE" main body.

PCI - Express where I connected. It's pretty huge ....

Results of benchmarking "Z DRIVE" using Intel's Core i7 965 processor and Asus P6T on the motherboard as CPU. The minimum reading speed is 654.3 MB per second, and the maximum reading speed is 712.0 MB per second.

By the way, although it is an interesting price, it seems that it will be $ 1,500 (about 147,000 yen) because it uses 4 256 GB SSDs.

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