Western Digital displays demonstration of PCIe connected SD card realizing reading of 888 MB / writing 430 MB / sec

It is held in Barcelona, ​​Spain "Mobile World Congress 2018"At the Western Digital booth entitled" INSPIRING THE FUTURE ", demonstration of high-speed SD card with sequential reading speed of 888 MB / s and sequential writing speed of 430 MB / s was exhibited with PCI Express (PCIe) connection It was.

Western Digital Demos SD Card with PCIe x1 Interface, 880 MB / s Read Speed

News of the siteAnandTech, The appearance of the SD card is almost the same as SanDisk's SD card under Western Digital,M.2The SD card adapter was attached to the socket and the demonstration was done.

CrystalDiskMark, The sequential reading speed was 888.8 MB per second and the writing speed was 430.2 MB per second.

In the My navi newsDifferent benchmark resultsAlthough it posted, sequential reading is still 888.8 MB per second, writing is 429.7 MB.

Although it is an exhibition as a demonstration to the last, I do not know whether it will be commercialized in the future, but I am doing the standardization of the SD cardSD AssociationSince we are requesting the industry to support the development of the complete "SD PCIe standard" by adopting PCIe as the standard interface, SD card connected with PCIe will be used as "small SSD" in the future It may be like becoming.

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