A new SSD "Colossus" which realized a large capacity of 1 TB with a 3.5-inch HDD size appeared, less than half of the conventional model

The SSD "Z-Drive" combining a large capacity of up to 1 TB and a reading speed of up to 500 MB per second was launched in Japan in AprilBut,The body is huge., And the initial price of 490,000 yen, which was a bottleneck for users to stifle purchase.

However, it became clear that a compact 1 TB model SSD "Colossus" that realized a new 3.5-inch HDD size will appear. Although it takes a closer look at "Z-DRIVE" in terms of performance, the price is less than half of the previous model.

Details are as below.
OCZ to release 1TB SSD this month

OCZ's Colossus SSD To Ship In 128GB-1TB Sizes This Month - HotHardware

According to these articles, OCZ, which handles ultra high-speed SSD "Z-Drive" etc., is planning to release a new SSD "Colossus" later this month.

"Colossus" has 2 or 4 flash memory controllers inside according to capacity, each controller operates as a virtual drive, so evenly distribute data to multiple virtual drives and simultaneously record in parallel By doing so, you can speed up reading and writing of data "RAID 0"It will be possible to record using.

A benchmark of 1 TB model with four flash memory controllers actually measured by "benchmark software" "ATTO Disk Benchmark" was measured, and it recorded a maximum of 261 MB per second for continuous reading speed and writing speed, and "IOMeter" Even when using the benchmark software named "benchmark software", it is said that the consecutive reading speed is 223 MB per second and the continuous writing speed is 224 MB maximum per second.

By the way, it is a price that is worrisome, the 128GB model is $ 300 (about 29,000 yen), the 256GB model is $ 650 (about 63,000 yen), the 512GB model is $ 1,200 (about 117,000 yen), 1 TB model It is said that it is $ 2200 (about 214,000 yen).

Compared with the 1 TB model of "Z-DRIVE", the price has become about 40%, the performance is also about half, but this may be sufficient for the individual to use it.

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