High-speed communication standard "downlinking maximum 168 Mbps" multicarrier HSPA has appeared

In December last year, EMOBILE dropped up to 42 Mbps "EMOBILE G4Softbank Mobile also started down from this month up to 42 Mbps "ULTRA SPEEDIn the meantime, they are also planning to launch the "W-CDMA" communication system of the 3rd generation mobile phone, "downlinking maximum 21 Mbps"HSPA +"Bundled two communications that adopted"DC-HSDPA (Dual Cell High Speed ​​Downlink Packet Access)It adopted a communication method called "

But evolution is not limited to just this,Downstream maximum 168 MbpsIt is clear that it is planned to realize.

※ The image above is the e-mobile communication terminal "D31HW" compatible with "HSPA +".

Details are as below.
Ericsson achieves three HSPA world firsts - Ericsson

According to Ericsson's press release, a major telecommunications equipment maker, the company is said to be the world's first three demonstrations at the GSMA Mobile World Congress, a mobile-related fair in Barcelona, ​​Spain, from 14th to 17th February .

The first is a demonstration of "multicarrier HSPA" that improves communication speed by widely using the bandwidth of multiple base stations and frequency bands, which is carried out using a prototype communication terminal and a network device, and a commercial network device As the record achieved above, it realizes the world's fastest downward maximum of 168 Mbps and upstream maximum 24 Mbps.

And the second is a demonstration of "DC-HSPA" which improved the operation speed with the same condition as the current DC-HSDPA "use two frequency bands of 5 MHz width", downlink using commercial network equipment The speed will be up to 84 Mbps which is twice the current speed.

The final third is to transmit transmission data divided into a plurality of signals in advance at the same frequency band from a plurality of antennas "MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output)"Single carrier HSPA" that realizes communication with a maximum downlinking frequency of 42 Mbps by using only one frequency band of 5 MHz width by using a multiplexing technology called as "a single carrier HSPA" can not achieve downlink maximum 42 Mbps unless two are used It is said that it is more efficient than "DC - HSDPA" of.

Although we do not know when the "multicarrier HSPA" will actually become a commercial service at the moment, in 2012 it is the next generation mobile WiMAX next generation standard as "4th generation mobile phone (4G)"WiMAX 2" service that realizes downlink maximum of 330 Mbps is scheduled to be startedConsidering that, it seems that it will not be far before mobile circuits that are faster than general optical fiber lines can be used.

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