E-Mobile launches service of maximum downward 42 Mbps, realizes "comfortable" along with bandwidth limitation

Announced that EMOBILE plans to start communication service of maximum downward 42 Mbps.

this isBandwidth limitation announced by the company in JuneTogether with this, users can communicate comfortably "Comfort PlanningThis will be implemented as part of the "UQ WiMAX (maximum downlink 40 Mbps)" speed which is the fastest now.

Details are as below.
Press release | Achieved more than 40 Mbps in the domestic fastest DC-HSDPA (downlinking maximum 42 Mbps) commercial environment demonstration ~ Developed for service start ~ ~ e · Mobile Co., Ltd. | Corporate information

According to eMobile's release, the company has been demonstrating to the public in a commercial environment using the "DC-HSDPA" method of up to 42 Mbps downlink which was carried out on July 6, and achieved throughput of more than 40 Mbps for the first time in Japan That's right.

By simultaneously receiving two adjacent 5 MHz frequency bands in one terminal, "DC-HSDPA" achieves a downlink maximum of 42 Mbps which is twice the theoretical value of the conventional HSPA + method (downlink maximum of 21 Mbps) With communication technology, the details of the service will be announced in autumn.

This is a state of demonstration. We are launching 42 Mbps service extensively.

EMOBILE introduces bandwidth control in August as a "comfort plan" and plans to start 42 Mbps service in October.

Demonstration by Mr. Motonari Abe, Executive Vice President of EMOBILE CO., LTD.

In actual measurement tests, it achieves a throughput of more than 40 Mbps downlink.

By the way, when communicating at the maximum value of 42 Mbps,Since 5.25 MB of data is transferred per second, it reaches the transfer amount (366 MB per 24 hours) in which the bandwidth limitation is executed in approximately 70 secondsIs it possible that measures to avoid such a situation are introduced?

Bandwidth limitations to be implemented from August are the same indication of "366 MB per 24 hours" for users of 3.6 Mbps and 7.2 Mbps services as well as users of 21 Mbps service with monthly communication charges added 1000 yen Although it is provided, I am worried about how much the user will be able to receive the benefit of communication speed improvement.

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