The ability of WiMAX 2 turned out in the field test, just to carry the optical fiber with speed

Although it is the next-generation communication standard "WiMAX 2" that realizes downlink maximum of 330 Mbps, field tests conducted by UQ Communications today revealed their true potential.

The special specification "WiMAX 2 bus" compliant with WiMAX 2 has run and actually measured the communication speed, but it is exactly "the speed to carry optical fiber" realized.

This isToday's press conferenceAfter that, a specially designed bus opened for reporters. Equipment for field test of WiMAX 2 is installed inside.

I got on the train immediately.

Streaming demos of movies using the WiMAX 2 high-speed line are being conducted inside.

The inside of the car looks like this.

This is WiMAX 2 communication equipment

Mr. Toshikazu Sekai, Deputy Manager of Technical Dept. UQ Communications Co., Ltd., Network Engineering Dept. explains this demo.

The test contents are communication experiments in stationary environment and mobile environment, and application experiment using video streaming service.

The system configuration used for the field test looks like this. It uses radio waves in the 2.6 GHz band, and has 4 antennas on the terminal side. Since the license for experiments given by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications this time is 20 MHz, the maximum performance is 165 Mbps going down, which is half of 330 Mbps in downlink when using 40 MHz.

A transmission speed exceeding 140 Mbps during stop and over 100 Mbps during movement is realized.

Demonstration including dare places such as Bill Shade where the radio condition is bad.

First of all, the performance at rest. It ranges generally between 130 Mbps and 150 Mbps.

Even when the bus departs and starts moving, it maintains performance of approximately 100 Mbps. Considering that the communication speed of ordinary home optical fiber is 100 Mbps as the theoretical value, it seems wonderful that performance of about 100 Mbps will be obtained by actual measurement.

Bus that runs downtown Tokyo

By communicating with up to 4 base stations, it is 4 × 4 MIMO used for WiMAX 2 that gives up to 160 Mbps.

Performance of about 120 Mbps may appear even when moving.

When entering Bill Shade etc., performance decreases because the number of base stations that can communicate decreases. However, it still exceeds the "Downstream DC - HSDPA" deployed by EMOBILE and SOFTBANK MOBILE, and the LTE service "Xi" of NTT DoCoMo 's maximum downlink of 37.5 Mbps (only 75 Mbps).

We adopted QoS (Quality of Service) technology for video distribution service, which enables us to maintain quality even if communication speed drops.

With this, there was no such thing as a moving picture being interrupted even in the shade of the Bill, realizing comfortable viewing.

Measurement situation near the venue (KDDI Otemachi Building). In addition to being effective 4 4 ​​MIMO in a wide range, it achieves throughput exceeding 100 Mbps.

In the field test of this time, it was confirmed that high-speed communication exceeding 100 Mbps could be realized in a wide range while moving, in the future it is necessary to establish compact operation method of WiMAX and WiMAX 2, miniaturization of terminal and low power consumption, Characterization in ultra high-speed mobile environment like Shinkansen is said to be an issue.

Looking at the field test this time in a movie like this.

YouTube - UQ "WiMAX 2" field Test speed measurement status

Although it is quite ridiculous technology, the merit of WiMAX 2 has backward compatibility with current WiMAX, it can be connected to WiMAX 2 base stations with existing terminals, as well as being able to connect to WiMAX base stations with WiMAX 2 terminals .WiMAX will be developed so that it can be used even in tunnels of subway etc.Therefore, as a substitute for a fixed line, as a mobile line it seems that you can expect further success.

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