Even if it enters a tunnel with the Shinkansen, it will be uninterrupted, making stable communication possible

According to the Asahi Shimbun news report, it seems to be able to communicate comfortably without being influenced by tunnels etc on Shinkansen.

N 700 series Shinkansen, It became easier to secure the power source for PC, but when a stable communication environment is introduced, it seems to be able to spend quite comfortably.

Details are as below.
Asahi.com: Wireless LAN to the Shinkansen Ministry of Internal Affairs, Frequency Allocation - Business

According to this article, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is planning to allocate a frequency of 400 MHz for the wireless LAN system planned to be installed in the bullet train in spring 2009. This is because JR Tokai has been experimenting with the introduction of wireless LAN system from February last year, and JR East also intends to introduce it on Tohoku Shinkansen.

The wireless LAN system will be introduced to the N700 series of new vehicles, and the communication speed is said to be several hundred Kbps per second, there is no concern that it will be obstructed by things such as tunnel, speed, surrounding topography, We will be able to communicate comfortably.

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