NTT DoCoMo demonstrates "LTE-Advanced" with downlink maximum of 1 Gbps or more

NTT docomo is being held from todayWireless Japan 2011, Which is one of the communication standards of the 4 th generation mobile phone (4 G), achieves a descending maximum of 1 Gbps or more "LTE-Advanced"We demonstrated.

Details are as below.
Wireless Japan 2011NTT DoCoMo booth had a corner of "LTE-Advanced" promoted by the company.

Demonstration of "LTE-Advanced".

Concept introduction. We aim to further increase the capacity and speed from LTE, and the peak throughput is 1 Gbps.

The goal performance is to overwhelming communication speed of 1 Gbps maximum downlink and 500 Mbps maximum upstream.

In the experimental measures, compatibility with conventional LTE was maintained, in addition to high capacity and high speed, increased frequency use efficiency.

Prototype of base station

Prototype of mobile station

Main characteristics are as follows. The 3.9 GHz band is used for downstream, and the 3.6 GHz band is specified for uplink. The bandwidth is 100 MHz for downlink and 40 MHz for uplink.

The result of indoor experiment is like this. Peak throughput exceeds 1 Gbps. In the same communication standard of the fourth generation mobile phone as LTE-Advanced,"WiMAX 2" which recorded downlinking maximum 300 Mbps or more with a demonstration demonstrationHowever, in demonstration demonstrations, it uses only bandwidth of 40 MHz, which is less than half of the current experiment.

Next is the state of the outdoor experiment.

A movie that performed a transmission experiment on an in-vehicle terminal toward NTT DoCoMo's test base station in Yokosuka. As approaching the base station the transmission speed has improved, demonstrating peak throughput of 600 Mbps downstream and 200 Mbps upstream.

YouTube - NTT docomo LTE-Advanced transmission experiment movie

Detailed information on "LTE-Advanced" can be checked on the official page of NTT docomo.

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