NTT DoCoMo to demonstrate "LTE-Advanced", ultra high-speed communication standard with descending maximum of about 1 Gbps or more

NTT DoCoMo is currently deploying as "Xi (Crossy)", based on the communication method "LTE" with a maximum of 37.5 Mbps of downlink and a maximum of 12.5 Mbps of uploading, a high-speed communication standard with a downlink maximum of about 1 Gbps or moreLTE-AdvancedWe will demonstrate the demonstration of.

"LTE-Advanced" was the world's first demonstration last year,High-speed communication standard "WiMAX 2" realizing downlink maximum of 330 MbpsAlongside "4 th generation mobile phone (4 G)Although it is recognized as the standard, it will become possible to see a part of its strength at last.

Details are as below.
Press release presentation: About exhibition at "WIRELESS JAPAN 2011" | News | NTT DoCoMo

According to NTT Docomo's press release, the company is based on LTE currently serving as "Xi" at the mobile related exhibition "WIRELESS JAPAN 2011" to be held from Wednesday, May 25th It is said that demonstration of "LTE-Advanced" realizing high speed and large capacity will be carried out.

"LTE-Advanced" is an ultra-high-speed communication standard aiming for transmission speeds of up to about 1 Gbps for uploads and up to about 500 Mbps for uploads. In demonstrations, signal transmission experiment equipment will be exhibited, streaming playback of 3D movies, 3D We are planning to demonstrate such as real-time transmission and reception of moving pictures taken with the camera.

"Interpreter Telephone" to translate in real time while talking and "Multiband Power Amplifier" being developed for global terminals supporting domestic and overseas mobile phone services are installed in each frequency band from 700 MHz to 2.5 GHz A demonstration such as a correspondence is said to be carried out.

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