The first demo of communication using "LTE" has also seen KDDI's next generation high speed communication strategy

Next-generation high-speed communication standard that realizes downlink maximum 100 Mbps, uplink maximum 50 Mbps, which KDDI, which handles mobile phone brand "au" is aiming for in the future, "LTE (Long Term Evolution)And the announcement was made the other dayHigh-speed communication service combining WiMAX and CDMAThe key to KDDI's future strategy is "CEATEC JAPAN 2009It was exhibited at the exhibition, so I checked it.

The first demonstration of LTE communication as KDDI is also released.

Details are as below.
KDDI booth of "CEATEC JAPAN 2009"

Data cards supporting both WiMAX and CDMA communication methods announced on September 30 were displayed.

Two kinds of ExpressCard type and USB type line up. DATA 01 and DATA 02 are for flat-rate plans, DATA 03 and DATA 04 are terminals for metered-rate plans.

Place attached to netbook. Unfortunately it was a mock, so we could not communicate.

This is a demonstration of next-generation high-speed communication "LTE" scheduled to start service from December 2012. We are sending and receiving movies shot with HD video camera using LTE.

Transfer speed at demonstration execution is 6.3 Mbps. Apparently it is unlikely that HD video cameras will only run out of bandwidth.

The maximum transfer rate is 20.2 Mbps upstream and 29.3 Mbps downstream. In the demonstration, we used the band of 10.0 MHz, but if we use the band of 20.0 MHz, we will calculate 40.4 MBps upstream and 58.6 Mbps downlink.

YouTube - Communication demo using KDDI's first "LTE"

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