An electronic bulletin board (digital signage) employs the processing power of PS 3 in persons flames in real time

An electronic bulletin board system that delivers video, information, advertisements etc. over the Internet in a timely manner to displays installed at shops, transportation facilities, campuses, offices, etc.Digital signage"And the combination of PS 3 is"CEATEC JAPAN 2009"Was published in.

By processing the video in real time by using the high processing capability of the Cell processor mounted on the PS3, we realize a fun effect such as making the person flame up or making it feel like being in the water .

This time we will deliver with a demo movie.

Details are as below.
This is "Interactive digital signage" using PS3 which was exhibited this time

PS3 and BRAVIA are lined up.

In addition to being able to apply graphical effects by making full use of the processing power of PS 3, it can also support multi display display etc. by simultaneously controlling multiple PS 3. We also combine facial image recognition technology and motion detection technology.

This effect is realized by combining these. In the system being displayed, the video outputted from the HD camcorder was distributed to process the same video with multiple PS 3, but the same effect can be realized with the WEB camera connected to the PS 3 via USB And that.

Playback of the demo movie is from the following.
YouTube - Digital signage that utilizes the processing power of PS 3 in person in real time in flames

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