Fujitsu and DoCoMo 's "Super 3G" wireless base station realizes downlink 900 Mbps

As I mentioned earlierIn the development of Fujitsu's NTT DoCoMo's next-generation high-speed communication standard "Super 3G" wireless base station this time, it seems that we succeeded in prototyping a base station with downlink transmission capacity of 900 Mbps.

It is a ridiculous speed, but how did it come about?

Details are as follows.
"Super 3G wireless base station device" with downlink transmission capacity of 900 Mbps realized: Fujitsu

According to this release, Fujitsu and Fujitsu Laboratories and DoCoMo collaborated on technological development, and as a result, Super 3G base station transmission and mobile station reception, wireless communication technology to expand the bandwidth of data transmission by combining multiple antennas "MIMO"It seems that we successfully trialed a wireless base station device that realized downlink transmission capacity of 900 Mbps.

From now on, we will aim for optimization in commercial equipment using the results of Super 3G prototype including MIMO and high efficiency amplifier and high performance baseband processing technology cultivated in 3G wireless base station equipment so far, · We will develop economical commercial Super 3G radio base station equipment with low power consumption.

I am looking forward to the effective speed when Super 3G commercial service is started.

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