"Super 3G" promoted by NTT docomo has a downlink speed of 100 Mbps or more

I covered the other day"IT road map" which predicted the progress of Web 2.0 until 2011Although it is "Super 3G" introduced in the same way, despite that the downlink exceeds 100 Mbps, the upload speed seems to exceed 50 Mbps at the same time. As a result, it will be possible to provide advanced service environment such as high-speed video delivery.

In other words, connecting a mobile phone compatible with "Super 3G" with a mobile PC will enable broadband anywhere on the road if it is within the mobile phone area.

Details are as follows.Selected as a developer / manufacturer of NTT docomo "Super 3G wireless base station equipment"
~ As a total mobile solution company,
Strengthen business strategy with overseas development in mind -

According to this release, Fujitsu seems to have been selected as a developer and manufacturer of prototype machines and commercial equipment in the procurement of DoCoMo's "Super 3G Radio Base Station Equipment".

Fujitsu selected using the multiple antennas, using multiple antennas, "Multi-antenna system" which is a technology to improve the transmission speed, "Frequency use efficiency" such as "OFDM technology" which divides frequency band into multiple frequency bands and carries out data transmission We are working on research on technology to improve.

By the way, the KDDI camp has launched the "Ultra 3G concept", which means that the same high-speed transmission will be possible here as well. Also, "Super 3G" has developed the standard called "W-CDMA" adopted by third-generation mobile phones of DoCoMo, while "Ultra 3G" is a development of au (KDDI) It has been developed as a standard called "CDMA 2000" adopted for third generation mobile phones.

KDDI Company Information: News Release> Introduction of EV-DO Rev. A and the Ultra 3G Concept of Next Generation Communication Infrastructure

As for "Super 3G" "Ultra 3G", there is description in the following link

HSDPA - Wikipedia(There is a description about "Super 3G")
CDMA 2000 1x - Wikipedia(Only the description on "next generation CDMA2000" which is regarded as "Ultra 3G")

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