Next-generation mobile phones, companies that decline frequency allocation

For next-generation mobile phones that are scheduled to start around 2010 with GIGAZINE and are capable of high-speed communication,Au may adopt the same communication system "LTE (Super 3G)" as NTT DoCoMo or SoftBank MobileAlthough it reported, there is a possibility that a communication company to be lost will come out when the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications allocates the frequency band for the next generation mobile phone.

It was held last year.A conflict over 2.5 GHz frequency band allocationI remember, but which one will win next time?

Details are as below.
Next-generation mobile, rush to prepare each company · Focus on how to allocate radio waves

According to this article, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is planning to select a telecommunications carrier in the summer of 2009 for next-generation mobile phones that have advanced 3G mobile phones today. And it is expected to allocate frequency band to 2 or 3 companies.

It is said that there is a possibility that not only e-Mobile that entered newly, but also a major mobile phone company will be defeated. The next generation mobile phone seems to reorganize the 1.5 GHz band used in the current 2nd generation mobile phone.

By the way, NTT DoCoMo is leading in the research of "LTE (Super 3 G)", but is there a high possibility that a frequency band can be allocated?

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