"Aimed at an alien" Man, a meteorite falls to home five times

Amazingly, the Bosnian male Radivoje Lajic's house said that the meteorite has fallen five times so far.

The falling meteorites have been confirmed to be all authentic by experts at the University of Belgrade and Mr. Lajic believes that he is targeted by aliens.

Details are as below.Under attack The owner of a house struck five times by meteorites fears aliens are targeting him the Daily Mail

Experts at the University of Belgrade are investigating the magnetic field near Mr. Lajic's house in order to clarify what is causing current attracting meteorites.

Lajic said, "I'm obviously aimed at extraterrestrials, I do not know what I do not like, but I can not explain it elsewhere. Even though the probability of a falling meteorite falls as low as 5 times I do not think that it will happen next time. "

The first meteorite fell to Mr. Lajic's house in November 2007. After that the meteorite collided with the house four more times, but it seems that everything fell on the rainy day of descha.

Certainly it is hard to imagine coincidence, but what on earth is the cause ...?

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