NTT DoCoMo is the world's first successful outdoor transmission experiment of "Smart Vertical MIMO" which helps to resolve urban communication congestion


In FY 2015 NTT DoCoMo"LTE-Advanced" faster than optical fiberIn the outdoor transmission experiment of "Smart Vertical MIMO" which was developed as a wireless transmission technology for that purpose, we succeeded in making the speed of more than 1.2 Gbps with one base station antenna in the world for the first time in the world.

Press announcement material: Succeeded in outdoor experiment of "Smart Vertical MIMO" wireless transmission technology for LTE-Advanced | NTT DoCoMo

Although LTE-Advanced is a communication service that NTT DoCoMo is planning to start offering in FY 2015, in order to realize a communication speed exceeding 1 Gbps, it is equivalent to four antennasMIMO transmissionIt was necessary to secure an installation place to increase the number of antennas and cost was increased.

Therefore, the wireless transmission technology developed, "Smart Vertical MIMO" which can realize MIMO transmission equivalent to four with one antenna. This makes it possible to expand the service area with space saving and cost saving. Especially in urban areas, the space required for the expansion of antennas is small, so it is thought that you can benefit from this technology.

For ordinary antennas without polarization technology, four antennas are required to achieve 1 Gbps communication speed, and plenty of antennas are required as well.

If it is a normal antenna with polarization technology, you need two antennas.

With Smart Vertical MIMO, you can get the speed equivalent to four ordinary antennas with one antenna.

The experiment was held for the first time in the outskirts of Yokosuka city in July 2013, the second time in the city area of ​​Sagamihara city in November 2013. In the experiment, we used 100 MHz frequency bandwidth in the 3.9 GHz band, one base station antenna capable of using Smart Vertical MIMO and two measuring cars equipped with mobile stations as terminals are used, the world's first base station antenna We have succeeded in MIMO transmission of a total of 1.2 Gbps communication speed to two mobile stations with one.

It is expected that this technology will be put into practical use after the launch of LTE-Advanced and will continue to be developed for practical use as soon as possible.

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