The world's first cable networking technology to realize 10 Gbps detonation communication for both uplink and downlink appeared

Cable network is "DOCSISIt is provided with a standard using a coaxial cable called " By applying such DOCSIS, a new technology realizing 10 Gbps detonation communication for both uplink and downlink "Full Duplex DOCSIS (full duplex communication DOCSIS)Was released from CableLabs.

CableLabs »Full Duplex DOCSIS® 3.1 Technology: Raising the Ante with Symmetric Gigabit Service

Full Duplex DOCSIS® 3.1 Technology - YouTube

DOCSIS, which is a communication standard using coaxial cable, has different communication speed for each version. "DOCSIS 1.0" is upstream 9 Mbps / downward 38 Mbps.

"DOCSIS 3.1" which is the latest version is upload 1 Gbps / down 10 Gbps.

CableLabs' new technology "Full Duplex DOCSIS" enables bidirectional communication at up to 10 Gbps / downlink 10 Gbps.

"Full duplex communication (Full Duplex)" originally exists in the communication system in telecommunications, further classifying the full duplex communication system using a single transmission path, it is possible to classify the traffic of the uplink and the downlink in the frequency band To divide"Frequency division duplex(FDD) "that uses the same frequency band on uplink / downlink, and"Time division duplex(TDD) "and others.

Full Duplex DOCSIS can realize upstream 10 Gbps which can not be realized by FDD or TDD at the same time as the conventional maximum speed of 10 Gbps. It is used in cable TV and so onOptical hybrid(HFC) wiring system and DOCSIS 3.1 technology, it has become a new technology evolving full duplex communication and has backward compatibility with the previous version of DOCSIS. Not to mention cable TV,Sensor network· It is expected to be applicable to technologies requiring bidirectional simultaneous high-speed communication such as VR and smart car.

Nokia's Bell Labs already has a new cable "Full Duplex DOCSIS compatible"XG-CABLE"Has been announced. Although XG-CABLE is still in the stage of being verified with a prototype, it shows the possibility that it can provide upstream 10 Gbps communication speed with a proof of concept demonstration. It can be used only by switching the cable of the conventional optical hybrid wiring system, specifically, it is announced that 200 meters of the facility can be used while leaving the conventional coaxial cable.

Nokia Bell Labs achieves world's first 10 Gbps symmetrical data speeds over traditional cable access networks | Nokia

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