The maximum capacity is 2 TB and the transfer speed is 300 MB per second, "SDXC memory card" which exceeded SDHC appears

It corresponded to the large capacity record which appeared in 2006The 32GB model which becomes the maximum capacity on the standard as soon as it appears in "SDHC memory card" has appeared, and it is necessary to formulate new standardWe previously told you at GIGAZINE, but finally the new standard "SDXC memory card" to be succeeded has appeared.

What is the maximum capacity is 2 TB, the transfer rate will be up to 300 MB per second.

Details are as follows.

According to this article, "SDXC memory card" which is a successor to SDHC memory card was announced at the world's largest appliance trade fair "CES" currently being held in Las Vegas, USA.

"SDXC memory card" achieves the maximum capacity of 2 TB (2000 GB), while the maximum capacity of conventional SDHC memory card was 32 GB, the recording speed seems to be 104 MB to 300 MB per second. Also, it is possible to use conventional SDHC memory card and SDIO interface, and it can be used at the recording speed specified in the specification of SDXC memory card.

If the SD memory card has "FAT16"SDHC memory card adopts"FAT 32"SDXC memory card was adopted by Microsoft for flash drives"ExFAT"Standards are said to be released in the first quarter of 2009.

By the way, "exFAT" is a file system that can be used with Windows Vista SP1 and later, so it seems that it can not be used in the previous version of Windows.

Although the capacity and cost reduction of flash memory products are proceeding remarkably, it will be when the 2 TB model will appear soon.

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