Formal announcement such as new high-speed SSD SanDisk can use for over 10 years, exchangeable with HDD

SanDisk familiar with "Flash memory card" such as SDHC memory cards and memory sticks widely used in personal computers, digital cameras, mobile phones, etc.High durability / long life SSD "SANDISK G 3"As a successor model of "G4We announced today such as today.

"G4" has doubled the recording capacity, it realizes high transfer speed and high durability which can be used for more than 10 years, and like HDD "G3", HDD mounted on existing PC and It is an exchangeable SSD.

Details are as below.

According to this press release, SanDisk announced SSD "G4" of the same shape as 2.5 inch HDD as SSD's new product and SSD module "P4" for netbook and tablet terminal. Both models will be mass-produced in the third quarter of 2010.

By adopting the 32-nm manufacturing process, "G4" achieves a recording capacity of 256 GB, which is twice the size of the previous model "G 3", and the transfer speed is 220 MB / sec at the maximum of "G 3" And up to 120 MB per second (at the time of writing), up to 220 MB per second (at the time of reading) and up to 160 MB per second (at the time of writing).

In addition, the 256 GB model of "G 4" is designed to accommodate approximately 160 TB of writing, which can be used for more than 10 years when the amount of data that a general user writes to the SSD per day is 4 GB Since it is exchanging with the HDD installed in the PC, overall performance improvement can be expected.

And with regard to "P4" which is the latest model of SSD module for netbooks and tablet terminals, by adopting the 32 nm manufacturing process, the maximum capacity is 128 GB which is twice as large as the conventional capacity, By adopting the technology "nCache", we are improving random write performance, shortening startup time, suppressing freezing, etc.

The reason why the performance of the notebook computer is deteriorated is most likely due to aged deterioration of the HDD,Actually SanDisk replaced the HDD of old notebook computer with "SANDISK G 3", but very satisfactory results were obtainedIt is good to consider exchanging to an SSD as an effective way to use old laptop computers.

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