SanDisk Launches Low-Cost, High-Performance "Next-Generation SSD" for Low-Cost Mini-Notes

SanDisk, a major manufacturer of flash memory, launched cheap "next generation SSD" for low price mini notebooks.

Because it is a model that combines low price and high performance, expectation is given to the appearance of a high-performance mini-note equipped with this SSD.

Details are as below.

According to this release, SanDisk has started shipping "next generation SSD" for low price mini notes.

This SSD is a model called "P2" and "S2", newly adopting the technology "nCache" using "nonvolatile memory" of maximum 320 MB which can hold stored contents even when the power is turned off It seems that we can improve the performance of low price mini-note.

By the way, in the conventional SSD, as a result of a large amount of random writing occurred by the OS, the operation of the personal computer stops for a moment "Petit Free (Petit Freeze)Although the phenomenon called "phenomenon called" nCache "was adopted next generation SSD realized the random write performance which is 50 times as much as the previous generation, we are supposed to suppress the occurrence of petit free.

According to the following link, the transfer rate of the next-generation SSD is said to be 70 MB per second which is about twice the HDD of 5400 revolution per minute which is mounted on the low price mini-note, and when the power consumption is about half Thing. In addition, the lineup is four kinds of 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and the price which is worrisome seems to be about 40 dollars (about 3860 yen) for the 16GB model and 60 to 70 dollars (about 5780 to 6750 yen) for the 32GB model .

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