Grandma who got out of acceptance until 3000 AD

In Japan, the period of suspension of driving license is the longest 180 days, the license will be canceled more than that, but overseas there are grandmothers who have been suspended from the license until 3000 AD. What kind of thing did you do with such a long-term license suspension?

Details are as below.
Pensioner banned from driving ... until the year 3000 | The Daily Telegraph

About ten centuries ago, the 84-year-old Luba Relic who lives in Australia has been disqualified. She was fighting in the court for 78 times with the troubles with neighbors, and it was a license suspension until 2999 AD. Australia's Road Transport Authority RTA suspended Luba's license for 'medical reasons', but he said he was further careless driving during the suspension period.

Luba, who caused a collision accident with other cars at Brookvale 's Oxford Road during the suspension of the license, has complained of innocence, but she has a fine of $ 1,000 (about 65,000 yen) It seems that a license suspension was issued up to 3000 AD that was added for another year.

Luba Relic who has become an outright stopover

Even if the period of suspension of license is long, I feel that it will make no sense if I drive with ignorance, but will Luba's driving stop with this?

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