CEO of Lotus committed a speed breach "This is a test run for the company" to the judge

Jean - Marc · Gaulss CEO of Lotus, a prestigious automobile company in the UK, was arrested for speeding. Gary's CEO, who had been collecting violation points due to traffic violations so far, faced a crisis of suspension of driver's license for up to 12 months but insisted the court "test drive necessary for business".

Lotus chief executive caught at 102 mph avoids speeding points as he 'likes to test drive cars himself'

Lotus CEO Fights 102 MPH Speeding Ticket by Arguing He Needs to Test Drive Their Cars - The Drive

Gale's CEO was arrested by the police as traveling at a distance of 102 mph (about 164 km / h) on the A11 highway on the A11 highway near Lotus headquarters, where the speed limit is 70 mph (about 112 km / h). Actually, Gails said that the cumulative score at that point was 8 points due to the traffic violation so far. Moreover, he was convicted of speeding on the same road in 2014, it seems that 5 points of violation and 400 pounds of fine (about 62,000 yen) were imposed.

In the case of this speeding violation, in some cases it was the highest, 6 points of violation were imposed and the cumulative points were added, so there was a possibility of getting suspended for a maximum of 12 months.

Gales is 54 years old.

Gary 's CEO, who is unable to receive a one - year license suspension as Lotus CEO, filed a proclamation to the court with Simon Nichols as attorney. Its content is "It is acceptable to admit the fact that the speed was exceeded, but it was personally test running on a new model vehicle". That's why he was doing his duties as CEO of Lotus. In addition, he added, "In addition, it is interest to all Lotus employees that it is unacceptable for Lotus to be CEO's license suspension," in addition to the fact that it was clearly explained. On top of that, instead of being given a violation score, we asked for a 30-day license suspension and a penalty.

As a result, the court accepted the argument of Gales, imposed a 30-day license suspension and a fine, but decided not to add any violation points. In addition, it seems that the doctrine "In the future, test running should be done on a test course rather than a public road" was done. In response to the criticism of whether the judgment of the court is sweet, Nichols' lawyer said, "Evaluate it as a common sense decision," 35 kph (about 35 mph It is dangerous to run at 56 km / h). "

By the way, it seems that there was not a model name written on the information of the vehicle that Gales CEO was driving in judicial documents.

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