A 2.5-inch SSD of 512 GB comes out from A-DATA, and the reading speed and the writing speed which are concerned are found out

Last year from Toshiba, "Explosive SSD of 512 GB model"Was announced as a product, ASUS has been in this yearLaptop computer with 512 GB SSD "S 121"Although it was issuing, 2.5-inch SSD of 512 GB appeared from A-DATA this time.

In the past Toshiba and ASUS news, detailed spec sheet which we did not understand is clarified, and you can see how much reading speed and writing speed are reached.

Detailed specs etc are from the following.
A-DATA Launched the Highest Capacity in the Industry 512 GB XPG 2.5 "SSD at CeBIT 2009

This SSD has been announced at CeBIT 2009 which is currently being held in Germany, and it seems that it is mainly based on use on notebook PC.

The spec is like this.

Reading speed: 230 MB per second
Write speed: 160 MB per second
Interface: SATA I / II
Operable temperature: minus 10 degrees to 70 degrees
Impact resistance: 1500 G / 0.5 milliseconds
MTBF: 1,500,000 hours
Exterior material: Using strong and light aluminum
Size: L 100.0 x W 70.1 x H 9.2 mm
Weight: Approximately 85 g

In Cebit 2009, it seems to be exhibited as follows.

Informatica Easy - CeBIT di Hannover: ecco le nuove proposte presentate dalle aziende

What is the actual selling price?

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